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Receding hareline and information on hashing

Receding hareline 2023


Contact Mismanagement if you want to be a hare or co-hare.


RUN No 242 Winter Wonderland Red Dress Pubcrawl Run

When: 14/1, 14:00

Where: Prilyckegatan 451

Hare: Swinging Tits & Hot Boobs

Info: Welcome to GH3 first run of the new year!

A-to-A, Runers & Walkers trail. Run, circle, sauna, food. Pubcrawl - pay as you go.

Red Dress Run = all hashers put on a red dress for the run. If, by any weird reason, you don't have a red dress we will accept red clothes from top to bottom. Heck, u can bodypaint your whole body red. Could be a little chilly though.

RUN No 243 SEx Party Run

When: 28/1, 14:00

Where: Pontus Wiknersgatan 9

Hare: Running Nuts & Just Sofia

Info: Welcome to a S(inging) Ex(cellence) Party Run. After circle we will learn and sing some hash songs and above all have fun!

RUN No 244 February Run

When: 11/2, 14:00

Where: Stora Pukevägen 13 Sävedalen

Hare: Happy Pancake & Running Nuts

Info: Most likely A-to-A, but could be something else as well. Starts at Stora Pukevägen 13 in any case.

How to get there: Svart Express towards Vallhamra. Jump off the bus at Björnåsvägen, then 7-10 min walk. Alternatively, take bus 514 from Östra Sjukhuset, jump off at Puketorp, then 2-3 min walk.

Theme: Winter vacation (sportlov)

RUN No 245 Mölndal Run

When: 4/3, 14:00

Where: Axgatan 10, Mölndal

Hare: Just Sophia & Hot Boobs

Info: A-to-A, runners and walkers trail. There are two cats living at the On-In.

RUN No 246 Saint Patrick's Day Pubcrawl

When: 17/3, 18:00

Where: Linnéplatsen

Hare: Sitting Dull

Info: Welcome to the Saint Patrick's Day Pubcrawl. Put on your fanciest green outfit and let the weekend begin! Pay as you go.

RUN No 247 National Waffle Day Run

When: 25/3, 14:00

Where: Blåbärsvägen 3, Mölnlycke

Hare: Twenty Excuses & Running Nuts

Info: A-to-A, Runners and Walkers trail. Take bus X4 to Mölnlycke bus terminal, and then 200 meters walk.

RUN No 248 April Fools Run

When: 1/4, 14:00

Where: Krabbeliderna 39

Hare: Lesbian

Info: A-to-A, Runners and Walkers trail.

RUN No 249 Easter Run

When: Friday 7/4, 14:00

Where: Pontus Wiknersgatan 9

Hare: Running Nuts

Info: Welcome to GH3 anal Good Friday Run!

It's that time of year again to dress up as everything associated with Easter, anything from an egg to Jesus. Go nuts!

A-to-A, Runners & Walkers trail.

The hare might include tram/bus to the run. Bring your Västtrafik card if you have one.

RUN No 250 Spring Run

When: 29/4, 14:00

Where: Kvarnbygatan 35, Mölndal

Hare: Short Call & Veni Vidi Vittu

Info: A-to-A, Walkers and Runners trail. Bag drop. On-In will be at Kråkans Krog.

Fee for this run is 80 kr.

RUN No 251 Göteborgsvarvet Run

When: 13/5, 14:00

Where: Virvelvindsgatan 16A

Walking hares: Just Gustafsson & Hot Boobs

Running hares: V3 & Running Nuts

Info: A-to-B. No bag drop. Walkers trail only.

Those who want to run can run the actual Göteborgsvarvet with V3 and Running Nuts or run the Walkers trail or a mix of it.

There will be cheering stops, drink stops and swim stops. Everything is a little bit fuzzy and there will be a lot of people everywhere so make sure you have technology with you.

It will be fun!

On-in will be at a restaurant.

RUN No 252 Beer Practice/Pub Crawl

When: 27/5, 14:00

Where: Meet up at Mariaplan

Hare: Sitting Dull


RUN No 253 GH3 Birthday Run

When: 3/6, 14:00

Where: Mellbyvägen 44

Hare: Ski Pooper & Sir Jerk Off

Info: A-to-A. Theme: Party, birthday, blue and yellow

Full Moon Berserkers Run

When: 5/6, 18:00

Where: King’s Head, Andra Långgatan 32

Hare: Sir Malibog & Red Horse

Info: Welcome to a Full Moon run with the Berserkers in Gothenburg This is our actual birthday day so why not spice things up on a boring Monday with a run after work with lovely weirdos.

RUN No 254 Midsummer Hash

When: 17/6, 14:00

Where: Håbergsgatan 13

Hare: Big Buoy

Info: A-to-A, Walkers and Runners trail.

Theme: Midsummer - flowers, Swedish flag, blue & yellow, midsummer pole/maypole

How to get there: Bus 18 or 19 to stop Björkrisvägen, then a 5 minute walk to On-In.

RUN No 255 Summer Run

When: 8/7, 14:00

Where: Kornhalls färja, Kungälv side of the river

Hare: Floppy Comer & Double Nipple Trouble

Info: Welcome to this summer run. Meetup is at Kornhalls färja. If we have enough cars available, we will go from there to a nearby location by the sea and enjoy a trail including swim stop. Otherwise the trail will be A-to-B from Kornhalls färja to On-in.

If you plan on coming by car, please let us know well in advance (write in the facebook event) so we can plan the trail accordingly.

How to get there: Take bus 37 departing from Hjalmar Brantingsplatsen 13:23 and arriving at Kornhalls färja 13:55. Get on the ferry and go to the other side of the river. For those travelling by car, go to the parking lot on the Kungälv side of Kornhalls färja. If arriving from the Hisingen side, make sure to be there on time to catch the 13:55 ferry to the other side.

At On-in there will be circle, food and badtunna. Bring swim suit and towel.

Please let us know if you would like to sleep over.

RUN No 256 Ninth Anal Island Hash

When: 12/8, 9:05

Where: Meet up at Lilla Varholmen

Hare: Happy Pancake, Sir Jerk Off & Sitting Dull

Info: GH3 welcomes you to our ninth amazing Island Hash.
To participate in this run, please sign up by sending an e-mail to having the following information:
• Hash name
• Hash kennel
• Full muggle name
• Food allergies if any
• Email
• How you want to pay: swish or bank transfer

The price for the event is SEK 350 including run, ds, bs, snacks, lunch, circle beer and lots of fun!
The fee doesn’t include public transportation, food and beer after the circle.
Upon registration you will receive an e-mail from us with the payment details, either swish or bank transfer.
Note: Your registration is not valid until payment is made.
The number of participants is limited to 30 persons. You will be on the waiting list if 30 hashers are faster than you.
Bag drop will be available, but you have to carry what you need during the day.

How to get there: "Bus Röd" leaves Centralstationen 8.30 am and arrives at Lilla Varholmen 9.03. Hot Boobs will meet visitors in town and make sure they get on the right bus on time.

The theme of the run is Sea kale.

RUN No 257 Wholly Shit Run

When: 2/9, 14:00

Where: Krokusvägen 12

Hare: Wholly Shit

Info: Welcome to Wholly Shit's first run ever.
A-to-A, Runners & Walkers trail.
How to get there: Bus Svart Express to Östra sjukhuset, walk 900 m.
Tram 1 or 5 towards Östra sjukhuset, get off at Tingvallsvägen, walk 470 m.
Bus 513 towards Partille centrum, get off at Torpamotet, walk 430 m.

RUN No 258 Oktoberfest Run

When: 23/9, 14:00

Where: Skatås Terränglöparen 5

Hare: Just Mats G

Info: Welcome to Oktoberfest Run! A-to-A, Walkers and Runners trail. Sauna and showers are available, bring towel. Oktoberfest food and ompa ompa music.

RUN No 259 Fire Thighs Kärrdalen Run

When: 7/10, 14:00

Where: Södra Snäckskalsvägen 9

Hare: Fire Thighs

Info: A-to-A, Runners & Walkers trail.
How to get there: Take bus 25 to Bjurslättsliden and from there just follow the trail to meetup.

RUN No 260 Pink Run

When: 14/10, 14:00

Where: Prilyckegatan 451

Hare: Swinging Tits & Hot Boobs

Info: A-to-A, Runners & Walkers trail.
This is a charity run for breast cancer. All profit goes to Bröstcancerförbundet. You are more than welcome to contribute more if you want.

Theme: Pink and breasts.

How to get there: Bus X2 towards Klareberg/Gerrebacka. You can either go off at Kärra centrum or Lillekärr Norra. 7 min walk to On-In. You can take the bus from Linneplatsen, Järntorget, Stenpiren, Operan, Hjalmar Brantingsplatsen.

RUN No 261 Full Moon Run

When: 28/10, 17:00 Note time!!!

Where: Ekeredsvägen 98

Hare: Cold Bitch

Info: Welcum to Full Moon Run in Lerum Forest, steep hills, hopefully some shiggyness. Bring your own light and reflex if you want to be sure to reach OnIn.

A-A, Walkers and runners trail. There will be food. And beer. Nearest station is Aspedalen.

RUN No 262 Scary-Puke Run

When: 4/11, 14:00

Where: Stora Pukevägen 13

Hare: Hairy Nuts & Happy Pancake

Info: Every year we have a Puke Run in Puketorp in the forest with hills and a lot of shiggy and this year it will be combined with our Halloween Run.

Walkers & Runners. Bring extra set of clothes and some warm ones for the circle.

RUN No 263 Brown Run

When: 25/11, 14:00

Where: Pontus Wiknersgatan 9

Hare: Short Call & Running Nuts

Info: Welcome to the brown run. Expect brown. Walkers & Runners trail.

RUN No 264 Lucia Xmas Hash

When: 9/12, 14:00


Hare: Cold Bitch


RUN No 265 New Year Hash

When: 31/12, 14:00

Where: Mölnlycke

Hare: 20 Excuses & Running Nuts


"A drinking club with a running problem!"

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