Dag Swanö




Some bands, important in my life, but "releaseless"

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Kent Nyman,Roland Björketun,Me, Anders Rehn,Kenneth Jonsson


Me: Guitars, vocals

Roland Björketun: Bass, vocals

Anders Rehn:leadvocals

Kent Nyman: Keys

Kenneth Jonsson: Drums


My first band with original (!) music. Started as a hardrock outfit with

Christer Broms on guitar and no Keyboards in -81

I found Genesis and the music changed .We played long,symphonic pieces.

I have re-used many track from this band in my sololife and Nightingale

I quit the band in -83 after a while as a four piece with me on leadvocals


I tunnelns färdriktning ( One of the lonely ones )

Studio recording jan -82


Ett bländade sken ( Eternal )

Live recording 27/5 -82



Prins Nilssons Dagbok

Anders Öhrvall,Patrik Selsfors,Me


Me: Bass, Leadvocals ( Guitar, Keys )

Patrik Selsfors: Guitars, Percussion, vocals

Anders Öhrvall: Drums

Bengt Björketun: Bass, vocals


Formed in -83 with another guitarplayer: Lars-Åke Printz

Heavy influenced by recent King Crimson, Talking heads ect.

Patrik joined in -84 and we split up in -85

This band is the root of my own music and was a great one with wild liveshows.

We added as Bassplayer: Bengt Björketun in -85 so i could sing and play whatever needed

If we had the tasks of a modern band back then ( the net, cheap recordings ect )

i´m sure we would have made some serious noise




Kalabalik i en regelrätt värld

"Private" studiorecording by Kent Nyman


Vackra saker ( Dead or alive )

Studio shit recording

Bass: Bengt Björketun




( Fadern, sonen och den helige ande )

(The father, the son and the holy ghost )


Kenneth Jonsson, Patrik Selsfors, Me

Kenneth Jonsson: Drums

Patrik Selsfors:Guitar,guitarsynt

Me: Bass


Formed in -85 after PND disbanded. We played instrumental music

and again King Crimson was a big influence, this time their -70 stuff

We was a jamming band and had very few "real" songs.

Disbanded in -87 but we have played from time to time through the years and do so even now

Now days it's only improvisation and some King Crimson covers


Improvisationer -09:


Anna Ankas mörka hemlighet


Det sockerlösa sprutet



"Tom Nouga & Träpissoaren"




Magnus Hedin: Bass

Ari Halinoja: Drums, vocals

Me: Guitar, Lead vocals

Richard Warlden: Guitar


My second Liveband. Formed in -92 with Richard Warlden as a second guitarist

We worked as a four piece for a year and then continued as a trio. Was put on ice in -95




En Morgon utan tänder

Studio recording -92

Richard Warlden on secondguitar



Stugan recording -93