2018-08-22 DDS 2.9.0 is released. 2.9.0 has a new architecture. There are many new multithreading options.
2016-03-21 DDS 2.8.4 is released. 2.8.4 includes a DLL option with much smaller memory usage.
2016-01-05 DDS 2.8.3 is released. 2.8.3 has some improved functionality and some bug fixes.
2015-06-30 DDS 2.8.2 is released. 2.8.2 is a bug fix release.
2015-01-18 DDS 2.8.1 is released. 2.8.1 is a bug fix release.
2014-12-02 DDS 2.8.0 is released. 2.8.0 is about 15% faster than 2.7.0. The move generation code has been re-implemented and is much faster. Many other improvements have been made.
2014-10-19 DDS 2.7.0 is released. The transposition table solution is completely rewritten by Soren Hein. DDS 2.7.0 is 8-15 % faster than 2.6.0. Soren has also made numerous other contributions. Par functions have been added to make it easier to adapt the par output format.
2014-09-15 DDS 2.6.0 is released. New Par functions and a Play Analyser have been added to DDS 2.6.0, the DealerPar and the Play Analyser functions have been written by Soren Hein. DDS 2.6.0 is 2% faster than DDS 2.5.2. Bugs in the Par function have been corrected.