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Bob Richardson DD Solver, the free multi-threaded DDS companion program with an attractive GUI Windows Yes
Bob Richardson Lead Captain evaluates opening leads by solving a large number of hands double-dummy Windows No
Christoph Berg Tenace, a hand viewer and editor for Unix, Linux and Windows Unix, Linux, Windows Yes
Gerard Joyez Bridge Monitor, multiple functions Windows, Linux, Mac Yes
Yves Costel Wbridge5, Bridge program, bidding and play. World champion 2005, 2007 and 2008. DDS calculates DD values for par calculation. Windows Yes
Lorne Anderson Bridge Analyser, multiple functions Windows No (free trial version)
Ray Spalding Bridge Composer for hand entry and word-processing output Windows No (free trial version)
Tomas Brenning Magic Contest / Ruter, scoring program Windows No
Andre de Ruiter B-Bridge Windows ?
Alexis Maugat Master Bridge Analyser Windows No (free trial version)
Dirk Willecke Ruder Syv, management of bridge tournaments Windows, Mac No
Matthew Kidd ACBLmerge, integrates ACBLscore reports, hand records, and electronic scoring Windows, Mac, Unix/Linux Yes
Matthew Kidd Lead Solver, lead analyser Windows, Mac, Unix/Linux Yes
Dealer4 Dealer4, a card-dealing machine Windows -
Bridgemate Bridgemate (U.S. website), the well-known scoring equipment Windows -
Andre Scholberg BridgeThink, training program Windows Yes
Ted Muller Hand Record Designer and Bridge Hand Designer Windows Yes
Karl Petreczek BridgeDDS and Bridge4Scorer apps iOS No
Thomas Andrews Deal 3.0/3.1, a flexible deal-generation and analysis tool Windows, Unix Yes
Antony Lee redeal , a re-implementation of Deal in Python Systems with Python and Tcl Yes
John Goacher Bridge Solver, Android and Bridge Solver, Windows and Bridge Solver Online on BridgeWebs.
As of March 2016:
The number of android phones and tablets with Bridge Solver installed exceed 7400.
Players from more than 850 different bridge clubs have accessed Bridge Solver Online to date. Highest noted number of "played" hands per day in double dummy mode for Bridge Solver Online: 570. These numbers are steadily growing.
Android, Windows, web Yes
Edward Marzo Dealmaster Pro, adapted version of DDS Windows No
James Ward Pianola, bridge club/members tools with cardplay analysis and demo. web-based No
Roger Pfister aaBridge, Bridge play / study program. Windows, Mac, Linux Yes
Bridge Hackathon DDS wrapper, web server. web-based, Linux, Windows, Mac Yes