APRS ICONs standards & usage in the Robust Packet Network

The classic icon for a digipeater is a green star marked with the black 'D' in a white circle. However, most digipeaters are 'hidden' behind an IGATE icon because operators see the higher importance on the bi-directional gate function. As digipeating on HF isn't very popular amoung the majority of operators this 'higher' importance / value can be agreed on.

The standard HF IGATE icon is the yellow 'G' within a black rhombus. For VHF/UHF in contrast it would be a black 'I' framed white within a black rhombus and should not be mixed up.

The standard STATIONARY icon for the Robust Packet Network would be the cyan-blue house with HF antenna (HF-house). A yellow house icon stands for VHF operation and should not be seen in the RPR net.

The only wider range of icons for the same type of operation should be seen among mobile activities. Find below the most frequent icons seen within the RPR net.
      Van & (inofficial) Motorhome
      Motorhome / RV - often rather indicated by the van icon
      Airliner - named as 'plane large' in the tables
      Motorvessel - unfortunately no separate icon for transport vessels
      Sailing Boat / Yacht

Exotic ICONs in the RPR net
Why the following icons sometimes show up in the network
      Kiosk / question mark - comes with the QRU function of APRSIS32 - should be surpressed
      local symbol forwarded as object from an igate - no local VHF should be gated towards HF
      VHF House symbol - inadequate for RPR HF activities
      Winlink RMS - gated object

If you are using UI-View in the very pure version and never changed the symbols, you are missing this greater range of indicators! Visit the website of WA8LMF and follow the procedure to refresh your
APRS Symbols Tables Revision H
within UI-View. Easy and gives your APRS program a new design and more information to look at.