Service Code Definitions

  G/D     iGate & Digipeater [ Dedicated to selected digipeaters only ✔ ]
  -/D       Digipeater only     [ Dedicated to selected digipeaters only ✔ ]
  G/-       iGate only

  R-I-R   Radio ⇛ Internet ⇛ Radio connection [ bi-directional ⇛ appreciated in the RPN ✔ ]
  R-I       Radio ⇛ Internet only [ RX only messages dead end ⇛ not desired in the RPN ✘ ]
  R         Radio only / no internet i.e. portable digipeater

  H24     24 hours operation
  H12     day times
  HN       night times
  HX       variable times / on request


  G/D R-I-R H24   bi-directional iGate & Digipeater operating 24 hours a day

  G/- R-I-R HX     bi-directional iGate operating on request

  -/- R HN             ordinary station operating throughout the night using its transceiver only

  -/D R H12         Digipeater operating throughout the daytime hours using its transceiver only