via HB9AK using RPR on HF
15m DIAL Frequency 21113.50 kHz USB (Center 21115.00 kHz USB)
17m DIAL Frequency 18114.40 kHz USB (Center 18115.90 kHz USB)
20m DIAL Frequency 14115.00 kHz USB (Center 14116.50 kHz USB)
20m DIAL Frequency 14108.90 kHz USB (Center 14110.40 kHz USB)
30m DIAL Frequency 10144.40 kHz USB (Center 10145.90 kHz USB)
40m DIAL Frequency   7050.00 kHz USB (Center   7051.50 kHz USB)
80m DIAL Frequency   3613.00 kHz USB (Center   3614.50 kHz USB)
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What hardware do I need?
The operation can be done with the SCS Tracker only !
Of course PTC-IIIusb and older PTCs that are equipped with a DSP-Modul can do it as well.

Which program can do the Winlink connection by RPR?
In this demonstration Winlink Express is shown. It can be downloaded from the Winlink website Winlink Express . In the FTP folder of Gregory R. Hand find the ITS HF Propagation Program and install it first. It provides condition forecasts within the station selection area of Winlink Express (very smart !)

Do I need a valid Winlink address?

See the following example with a Kenwood TS-480, SCS-Tracker & Winlink Express

Frequency selection has to be done manually or you may put a memory like in this example. The DIAL frequency is taken from the Winlink Express table. USB of course.

Open Winlink Express and select Robust PR WL2K. Press Open Session followed by Channel Selection and verify conditions forecasted. For Europe HB9AK is the only station.
If no stations are show press Update Table while connected to the internet and the complete list (incl. PACTOR frequencies) will be updated.

In order to have a positiv initialization you have to make the setup for TNC and Radio. As usual be careful with the Transmit Level. Check that max ALC level is not exceeded.

When setup and channel selection is done press Start on the Robust PR Winlink 2000 Session window. Winlink Express will connect Winlink via HB9AK and look for your emails in the system.
The tracker meanwhile shows in the first place 2 green LEDs indicating the connect status followed by the alternating rhythm of red LEDs RDCD & RPTT marking the exchange of the packets.

After successful exchange the program looks like this

The RPR email exchange works as well as Peer-to-Peer connection. It is then not a kind of chat room but again a possibility to ask for MY emails kept in the OUT BOX of the peer's station.
In that case the emails must have been compiled as PEER-to-PEER mail (see selection in the header of Winlink Express ⇒ Message ⇒ New Message window) plus both peers must have the window Robust PR P2P open. Then you may start the peer-to-peer connection any time convenient.

So for once the Tracker is not reduced to work as stand alone position sending device or the KISS slave of an APRS program. It is fun to see the SCS Tracker working like the big PACTOR brothers. By the way: if the conditions are excellent you may see it jumping automatically to R600 speed. This will then turn RDCD and RPTT normally red (R300) LEDs to continue in green color.