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Cambridge Computer Z88

Sir Clive Sinclair with his Cambridge Computer Z88

Sir Clive Sinclair with his latest innovative computer design.

Clive Sinclair peddles world's smallest folding bike

Many belive the Z88 was the only product by Cambridge Computers Ltd. It wasn't. A satellite receiver was launched already in October 1988. See the Z88 Users' Club newsletter Z88 EPROM Vol 2 No 6 Page 9 at Z88 Korner. The company is actually still in the satellite business. See company history.

Pipe with smoke and eye. Z88 PipeDream Viewer

Z88 PipeDream Viewer for Windows. Version 0.19, 6 February 2013. 32-bit version to work in 64-bit Windows.
A viewer for PipeDream 'wordprocessing' documents. Spreadsheet formulas and numbers are displayed but not interpreted.
Columns are properly placed. Print Underline, Bold, Italics, Subscript and Superscript highlights are supported.
Supports association with filename extensions. Just doubleclick an associated file to start the viewer with the file loaded.
PipeDream list files are supported.
Save As RTF. Limited translation to Microsoft Rich Text Format, for export to Windows 95 Wordpad or Word for Windows.
Save As Text. Tab separated text format. Numeric cells with simple expressions are correctly interpreted when loading into Excel.
Save As HTML.
Printing of current document.

Z88 with [ ] X. Z88 Import-Export File Transfer

Z88-Xport for Windows. Version 0.11, 21 March 1998.
Tranfers files using the inbuilt Z88 popup Imp-Export. Backup your Z88 by sending all files from Imp-Export using the wildcard ":*//*" as filename. Z88-Xport will create all directories needed during reception of the files. In Z88-Xport you can select multiple files from multiple directories on multiple drives and send them in one batch to the Z88.

Z88 with [ ] B. Z88 BBC BASIC (Z80) Viewer

Z88 BBC BASIC(Z80) Viewer for Windows. Version 0.21, 30 May 2003.
A viewer for BASIC program files. Output as the listing on the Z88 screen with line numbers, keywords, GOTO line numbers and indention of FOR and REPEAT loops.
Menus for Save as text, Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Find, Find Next, Add CLI Header and Font.
Font, Window size and position saved in ini-file.

Tiny Z88 Z88 External Console for Windows

Z88 External Console for Windows. Version 0.3, 2 November 1999.

Use a PC as a terminal to the Z88 to display the Z88 screen on the PC and / or allow the PC keyboard to control the Z88.

Z88 with [ ] Y. XY-Modem Popdown

XY-Modem popdown application for the Z88. Version 1.1, 26 December 1999.
Supporting file transfers using the Xmodem or Ymodem protocols, checksum or crc error detection, 128 byte or 1K blocksize and streaming -G mode (only for sending) in any combination.
Transfer speed around 3300 cps at 38400 bps using 1K blocks.
Mailbox function to send a file marked in Filer.
Batch sending with wildcards.
Use :*//* to send all files in all directories on all :RAM devices.
Ymodem preserves name, size and modification date/time of transfered files.
User interface similar to []X Imp-Export.

Z88 BASIC Programs

Spectrum-Link. Version 1.1, 19 August 1991.
For archiving of Z88 files on microdrive cartridges. Hardware: Sinclair ZX Spectrum with ZX Interface 1 and ZX Microdrive.

More Sinclair ZX Spectrum Programs

Eprom-Xport, 6 September 1997.
Sends all files, also overwritten, on all EPROMs in all slots using the Import-Export protocol to Z88-Xport for Windows, PC-Link 1, ImpExp88 for PC DOS or similar programs on other platforms.

Z88 Now and Then

Z88 information sources in the past and now.

Z88 Miscellaneous

Z88 Development Kit.
The Z88 and Multiuser Systems
Running in the Dark with the Z88.
Serial Communication with the Z88
Connecting a Z88 to a Modem
Z88 User Manual, Third Edition, Additions and Corrections
Converting Z88 files to HTML format using a printer driver.
Running the Z88 Emulators
Z88 Users' Club
Z88 Versions
Z88 Internal Memory Modifications and Power Consumption
Z88 File Transfers
Internal ROM Modifications and OZ v4.01
Z88 Easter Eggs
Excessive Battery Drain
Your Z88 Up And Running
Cambridge Computer Limited's Patents
Z88 Motherboard Modifications
Z88 Magazine Articles, Columns, Notes and Advertisements
Z88 Fonts

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Z88 Local copies of other authors' work

Z88 Hints & Tips 1-33 by Jack Lawrie who is an oldtime member of the Z88 Users' Club and contributor to its' newsletter Z88 EPROM and Software Library. Previously released to the Z88 Users' Club Software Library and in AlchNews. Hints & Tips 1-33 in PipeDream format, hints.zip.

Z88 Communications Program (ZCP), Copyright 1990 Richard C. Haw.
A binary and text file transfer utility supporting the popular XMODEM file transfer protocol.
Documentation in html format
zcp.htm, text format zcp.txt and PipeDream format zcp.pd.
BASIC/machine code program in binary tokenized BASIC format zcp.bas and in text CLI format zcp.cli.

Richard Haw's notes, source code and works in progress z88haw2.zip from QBox-USA BBS, 327 KB.

Z88 Fax News, Curtis Claar


Search all News Groups for Z88 postings using Google.


Z88 Development group and mailing list on Yahoo.
Garry Lancaster, Z88 Forever!
Gunther Strube, Thierry Peycru Cambridge Z88 Development, old SourceForge site, old mailing List.
Vic Gerhardi, Rakewell's Z88 Page
Timothy C. Swenson, Z88 Source Book
RWAP Software's Cambridge Z88 page
John Allen, Z88 Bits
Keith Rickard, Z88 Korner. Online scans of Z88 EPROM newsletters from the Z88 Users' Club.
Dominic Morris, Z88 Development Kit, A Small C+ Compiler for Z80 based Machines
Dominic Morris, ZSock - TCP/IP For the Cambridge Z88.
Richard Russell, with BBC BASIC (86) online manual, similar to the (Z80) version in the Z88, by the author himself.
Richard Russell's BBC BASIC for Windows.
Sintech Online-Shop, Sinclair, Z88
Sinclair Computers, Z88
Retrocomputing, Cambridge Z88
ZONADEPRUEBAS Cambridge Computer Z88 (portátil)
Lewin A.R.W. Edwards Cambridge Z88
Richard Eby, The Cambridge Z88 Resources Page
Rastersoft Z88transfer
MO5 Le Cambridge Computers Ltd. Z88
Speech, music etc. on Z88 Downloads
Z88 User Manual, third edition, 149 MB.
David's Data-transfer-from-PC-to-Z88
Colin Parson's Z88 page with memory upgrade instructions and pictures.

More Z88 Web Links.


Z88 User Guide, First Edition

I want to get in contact with persons having a Z88 with Icelandic operating system OZ or any version that is not one of 2.2, 2.5, 2.6, 3.0, 3.12, 3.13, 3.17, 3.18, 3.19, 3.21, 3.23, 3.26, 4.001, 4.0 or 4.01.

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