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About us

Vårt hus  Tigra & Ixi

We live here! In Rudstorp, Kil , Sweden

A short presentation of us.

July 2017 - Cleo, Bonni och Daisy.

My name is Pia and I live together with Johan and our 2 children Simon and Sara. We have 2 swissies, Gillix Heroic Wind "Daisy" and Gillix North Key "Kita" they lives with us. Our dogs live in the house together with us as family members. All our puppies are born and raised in the house together with our family. I have gone the Swedish kennelclubs breeders education 2003-2004 and 2009.

Kita                             Daisy

Lilly                                 Bonni

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Kita Pia, Tigra & Ixi Cleo

Pia, Ixi, Bonni & Twizt Bonni, Ixi & Twizt