Hillbilly Bop


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Kick-Ass Rockabilly   Rockabilly before Elvis   Rockabilly Rumble   Rare Rockin’ Girls   Teen Beat & Teen Rock 1956-1965

The 1960’s Pop Era   All new tracks and requests   Varied sets of 50's Rockabilly+

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The artists listed here are as follows,

Bashful Vic Thomas & Western Rhythmaires,    Jack Tucker & His band,     Rusty Howard / The Rhythm Rangers,    Cleve Jackson and His Hound Dogs,     

Rudy Thacker & The Stringbusters,     Cousin Deems Sanders & His Goat Herders w. Walt McCoy vcl,     Seven Rowe Brothers / Martha Lynn,

Sons Of The Purple Sage,     Malcolm Yelvington,     John Tyler,    Billy Briggs & His X-I-T Boys,     Bill Haley and His Comets

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