Bill Smith Combo / Amos Milburn Jr. / David Orrell

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Discography & info Bill Smith Combo  //  Amos Milburn Jr. (James Thomas Russ Jr) David Orrell, No info!

Bill Smith Combo

Bill Smith Combo   Original release LE BILL 303 (US) 06/1960

This release, re-issue on (Oro-Records Nr. 10119??

Tough [instr.]  // Long tall Sally / Be my baby

Tough [instr.] - 1960

Amos Milburn Jr.   Original release LE CAM 961  1960

This release, re-issue on (Oro-Records Nr. 10119??

Tough [instr.] // Long tall Sally / Be my baby

James Thomas Russ Jr

To correct the misinformation below:

Amos Milburn Jr. is neither Amos Milburn nor the son of Amos Milburn

Born James Thomas Russ Jr., he was the son of a single mother who was such a huge Amos Milburn fan that she claimed that Milburn was his father – although they had never as much as met, and Milburn would have been just 13 years old when Jr. was born.
(When Jr. started his recording career in 1959, Milburn was still just 32, so any hypothetical son would have been in his early teens at most, even allowing for Milburn to have been a teenage father.)

Long tall Sally - 1960

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