Lawrence Shaul

With The Aristocats


Years active c.1959-c.1980s

he’s only 13 yrs old here on these two songs

always klick on pic.s


Macon, Mississippi, USA

Born 1947


Birth name, Lawrence Shaul, Years active c.1959-c.1980s

Info! We first heard Lawrence when he was with Hugh Rogers and The Mad Men at a local club. He totally knocked us out singing Ray Charles better than Ray Charles.” This is how Marvin Taylor of the K-Otics described the first time that he and fellow band members saw Lawrence Shaul. It was this meeting that so impressed the K-Otics’ members that in 1966, when they needed a keyboard player, they contacted Lawrence and he became a K-Otic. Lawrence Shaul was born in Macon, Mississippi in 1947. He spent his early youth in Pickens County, Alabama. It was there where his parents were friends with a local DJ and bandleader, Carl Sauceman. The dances that Lawrence attended were family-oriented events at the VFW hall where he was encouraged to sing along. That was his first exposure to live music  Read full text here >>> Lawrence Shaul

Original releqase, REED RR 1049 (Ala. US) 06/1960 ; This release, repro REED rr 1049 [1970’s - 80’s]

Hey little mama   b/w   Tutti frutti

Hey little mama - 1960

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