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Kick-Ass Rockabilly   Rockabilly before Elvis  Hillbilly Bop, the almost Rockabilly  Rockabilly Rumble    Rare Rockin’ Girls

The 1960’s Pop Era   All new tracks and requests  Varied sets of 50's Rockabilly+

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The artists listed here are as follows,

Teddy Randazzo,     Johnny Preston,     Joe Melson,     John D. Loudermilk,     John Leyton (GB),     Johnny Hughes / Jack & Jill / Kandell Hayes,

Ray Peterson / Skeeter Davis,     The Allisons (GB),     Adam Faith (GB),    Terry Stafford,     Johnny Tillotson,     Billy Fury (GB),     Ricky Nelson,

     Alma Cogan (GB),    Shangri-Las,    Crash Craddock,    Narvel Felts,   Bente Lind (NO),     Kiki Dee (GB) / Julie Monday / Karen Verros,

 Mike Sarne (GB) / Jimmy Justice (GB) / Shane Fenton (GB),     Dorsey Burnette,     Johnny Burnette,     Cris Montez,    Neil Sedaka,    Roy Orbison,

Marvin Rainwater,     The Angels,     Annette,     Frankie Avalon / Fabian,   Tom & Jerry / Jerry Landis / Tico & The Triumphs (aka Simon & Garfunkel)

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