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Hjärup 12-hour
17-18 August 2007

Saturday saw one practice session on the starting lane for each team.
The last few minutes before the technical inspection and all teams still have work left to do.

Lars Harrysson and Mikael G:son in Basically The Best
Lars Harrysson and Mikael Gustavsson, two of the four members in the Basically the Best team.

Esther Lestrell
Esther Lestrell in Basically the Best doing the last final touches to the bodies
Will in T.I.T.
Will Stemman in T.I.T. having the confidence of his older partners to be responsible for all the tire truing.

Erik Noltensmeijer
one of the four drivers in "Cool Women Hot Men" doing his fare share of tire work.

Miroslav in Smradosi
Vadlejch, one of four drivers in Smradosi, gluing new tires to rims.

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