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Welcome to the main page of the reviews section. Here you'll find complete reviews of some of the old and new courses released for the computer golf game Jack Nicklaus 6 : Golden Bear Challenge. Before I start I want to thank Göran for allowing me to use his website for posting my reviews. Thanks a lot my friend :) We just hope that we will provide a great service for all those who are asking for course reviews, and I really hope for all the visitors of this section that they will enjoy reading those reviews as much as I enjoyed writing them. If you have any comments, critics, ideas, and concerns, please feel free to email me at : Trives.Yannick@videotron.ca and I will reply as soon as possible. Having some feedback of the work done is an important process and it helps tremendously to improve the quality of the reviews, and to provide a better service for all visitors. Follow the link below to learn how I rate the GBC courses released (what I'm looking for most importandly on the course, the 10 distinct areas, how I decide of the final rating, how I build the key advices section, etc.).

REVIEW NOTES (link under construction)

Course index

Absinthe - D.L. Bunch and Joker

Ginn Farm - Shelby Sanborn

Kiawah Dunes - Göran Mentzer

Medinah - Steve Gazis

North Head - Jay Johnson