Music:Fredrik Wallenberg/Okt 93
Lyrics:Heval Bozarslan/Nov 93

Oh fortune sweet bringer of fortune
We shall come to end in the end
A pressure, a pressure phenomenal
A life was drained to create this life

Seventh of the seven seas in my mind
Son of god´s son awakes and run
Golden tears from eyes that lie

Oh pain, sweet great pain
Mighty nobody of fractured faces
Release your hounds from the depth
Into the light of dark

Go back into another form
Smiles like shredded thorns
Non-controlled inner tragedy
To increase the seasons of the dark

Whispering sins of mother earth
Step inside to a nameless name
Sucked the ground from my feet
And left me in the dark

Sins of mother earth...

Here you are again
To taste the fruits of hell
(Pain)ted colours wipe that face
It´s obvious, it´s obvious

Found those dreams at last
A cover of mist in the past
Never to see those shining eyes
It´s obvious, it´s obvious

Sky touches a body of a weak
Palace ruins! Hear my death!
Thrown away to serve the dark

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