The Drowning Light at the Edge of the Dawn

Forged in the fires of adversity, so bring on the absolute reality
On the wings of trajectory we have altered the mass perception
A universe inside as vast as outside, a place called now is what is home
Tuned in to the frequency of who we really are

The perceivers!

Are you enjoying the contrasts of your time and space reality?
Crystallized within the archaic sphere of esoteric minds
Are you enjoying the cosmic dance you are co-creating
and directing as vibration of your inner being becomes dominant...

...and ethereal
We remain…

The breeze of unconditional alignment embraced
as focus from the physical was swiftly withdrawn
More life greet those you believe you deliver death to
“Death” an excellent art created by life


We were there to upset the balance and show you the value of variety
Towards your own balance you were guided as you were splitting energy…
…in cynical environments, and the primitive ways you agreed upon
Within the glacier of minds we observe the ethereal patterns

The perceivers!

Are you enjoying the knowledge beyond the threshold of science?
Crystallized within the glacial sphere of ethereal minds
Are you enjoying the flickering energy crystals surrounding the aura?
The essence of us now more dynamic around your own world empirical

We’re non-territorial
Always ethereal
We remain…

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