Jumpin’ Bill Carlisle / The Carlisle

Hillbilly Bop the almost Rockabilly

Years active 1933-2003

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Wakefield, Kentucky, USA

Born Dec. 19, 1908; Died March 17, 2003 (aged 94),Nashville, Tennessee

New Liza Jane

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The Carlisles / The Carlisles

William Toliver Carlisle (December 19, 1908 – March 17, 2003), better known as Bill Carlisleand Jumpin' Bill Carlisle, was an American country music singer, songwriter, comedian, and guitarist popular in the late 1940s and 1950s but who influenced the genre for more than 50 years. He is a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame.


Carlisle was born in WakefieldKentucky southeast of Louisville. He performed in the 1920s with his older brother, Cliff Carlisle, on radio stations WLAP-AM in Lexington, Kentucky and WNOX-AM in Knoxville, Tennessee. His first solo single and hit was the 1933 recording of "Rattlesnake Daddy," released on ARC Records. That year he formed the Carlisle Brothers with Cliff, and in 1938 they signed with Decca Records and continued performing on Kentucky country radio programs. He created an alter ego for the WNOX's Mid-Day Merry-Go-Round and Tennessee Barn Dance shows called Hot Shot Elmer, a bumbling buffoon in costume who would "interrupt" Carlisle's own performances. His leaps on stage won him the moniker "Jumpin' Bill.”  Read the original text here >>>  Bill Carlisle

Jumpin’ Bill Carlisle - New Liza Jane - 1955

The Carlisle - Is Zat Your Myrtle - 1952

The Carlisle - Leave That Liar Alone - 1953

The Carlisle - Rattlesnake Daddy - 1954

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