Aubrey Cagle


Birth name, Aubrey Cagle aka Billy Love

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Lexington, Tennessee, USA

Born Sept. 17, 1934; Died Jan. 3, 2004 (aged 70), Marion Indiana


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Life, Childhood and youth: Aubrey Cagle was born in Tennessee (some sources say he was born 1928) and spent his childhood on the parental farm. At the age of eleven he bought his first guitar. The money he had earned by odd jobs. Six years later, he founded his first own band and had a small show at a local radio station in Jackson , Tennessee . Later, Cagle was also heard regularly in his hometown at WDXL.

Career: In 1955, Cagle moved to Indianapolis , Indiana , as he found in Tennessee no more work. But only four years later he recorded for the label House of Sound from Memphis on his first record. Want to Be Wanted Blues and Real Cool were created during this session ; Accompanied by local studio musicians like Chips Moman (guitar) and produced by label owner Chesney Sherod, the single was released in late 1957. Sources vary greatly in the recording and release dates. While Terry Gordon assumes that the House of Sound single appeared in 1957, calls an article from the magazine New Commotion in 1959 as a date.  Cagle quickly returned to Indianapolis, where he performed and in 1959 or 1960 together with his brother-in-law Johnnie James founded his own label Glee Records. Be-Bop Blues / Just For You became Cagle's first single on his new label. At the same time he played with Jerry Williams in Tennessee Thompson's band and is heard as a rhythm guitarist on his only single. With Williams Cagle often played together in Indianapolis, although this was not part of Cagle's regular band.  By 1962, Cagle had recorded three more singles for Glee, all recorded in Nashville with his band, including Come Along Little Girl , Sweet Talkin, or I'll Find My Way Back to You . The band members varied, but bassist Bill Williams was always there. Since Cagle had decided in 1961 to accept the stage name "Billy Love", his last two singles were also published under this name. Cagle thought that DJs could better remember that name. Then Cagle did not record any more singles, but continued to lead his label. In 1968, his brother-in-law died unexpectedly, so that Cagle Glee Records now completely took over.  End of 1977 (Terry Gordon calls 1972) Cagle found two never-released master recordings of Rock-a-Billy Boy and Bop'n'Stroll with him, which he then released to Glee. The tracks were originally recorded in 1959 in the garage of his friend Jan Eden after the House of Sound single.  Cagle continued to play in the clubs of Indianapolis in the 1970s. With his wife Sue he had a son, Ricky, who played drums. Cagle died in 2004 at the age of 70.            Read full info here >>> Aubrey Cagle (German)

Original release GLEE 1001 (US) 08/1960   This release, re-issue on Starlite ST.45082 (UK) [05/1977]

Blue lonely world // Come along little girl

Come along little girl - 1960

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