Otto Brandenburg


Years active 1953-2000

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Hejnsvig, Denmark

Born Sept. 4, 1934,  Died March 1, 2007 (aged 72), Copenhagen, Denmark


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Otto Herman Max Brandenburg (born Willberg, September 4, 1934 in Hejnsvig, dead March 1, 2007) was a Danish musician, singer and actor. 

Career Music and theater He debuted in 1955 in the ensemble Four Jacks, but quickly became a soloist and proclaimed to the Danish rock and twist king. Since then, he expanded his pop repertoire for appearances and jazz and was also a widely used actor. He has published plates for EMI in Sweden and Germany and went to Germany under the name "Ole Brandenburg". In 1960 he participated in the Danish Melody Grand Prix with the song Two Light On a Table, which did not win, but nevertheless became a landslide. In 1962 he participated in the Swedish grand prix. In 1969 he entered new musical roads with his own text to an American melody in Christmas song "Søren Banjomus", as he himself sang to timeless success. In the 1970s he often formed pairs on the stage with Vivi Bak, and in the 1980s he often sang texts by Halfdan Rasmussen and Evert Taube. It became a lot of records, expositions in various shows and television shows. In recent years Otto Brandenburg held a lower profile. 

Movie For their roles in the movies Hear, was not there one who laughed? and Rubber Tarzan received Otto Brandenburg a Bodil. He also participated in Lars von Trier's film, the Kingdom of I and the Kingdom II. In 1996 Otto Brandenburg participated in Disney's Pixar animation movie Toy Story with the song "You've Got a Friend In Me" (Original: "You're My Best Friend") originally written and also sung in the American version of the film by Randy Newman. Brandenburg's last assignment was like the male boy (voice) in the cartoon The boy would make it impossible from 2002. 

Privacy Otto Brandenburg was born in Hejnsvig at Grindsted, but grew up on P.D. Løvs Allé on Ydre Nørrebro in Copenhagen. He came after school at Stevnsgade School as a mechanic at the nearby factory Vølund. In his spare time he played in Ib Glindemanns Big Band. In addition, he became a champion in boxing in lightweight weight in 1953. Otto Brandenburg had the nickname "backyard puma", with allusion to his lucky time, which had shadows of the boxer himself. For a number of years he lived with his comedian Jørgen Ryg in his apartment in Nørrebro. He was married to Ina Jørgensen from 1961 to 1966. Together they got a daughter. [3] He lived with several women later, before living with his girlfriend, television producer Hanne Mynster, in a townhouse in Kongens Lyngby in the last many years of his life. Hanne, the house, the perennial bed and the pleasure of children and grandchildren was what meant him most. [Source is missing] On November 14, 2006, the unofficial biography Otto Brandenburg - Trace of a Backyard Puma was published at GAFFA publishing house. In the same year, EMI released a 4-inch CD of recordings from the first pop-years in its career. Otto Brandenburg died on March 1, 2007 following a disease course, 72 years old.                                 Read Original text in Danish >>> Otto Brandenburg

This release, Original release  ODEON 45DK 1581 (DK[1962]

Hello Mr. Twist   b/w   Ballin' the Jack

Hello Mr. Twist - 1962

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