The Olympics

60’s Pop 

Years active 1957-present

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The Olympics 1965

Los Angeles, California, USA

Formed in 1957


Info! 1. The Olympics

The Olympics are an American doo-wop group, formed in 1957 by lead singer Walter Ward (August 28, 1940 – December 11, 2006). The group also included Eddie Lewis (tenor, Ward's cousin), Charles Fizer (tenor), Walter Hammond (baritone), and Melvin King (bass) and except for Lewis were friends in a Los AngelesCaliforniahigh school.

History and influence

Their first record was credited to Walter Ward and the Challengers ("I Can Tell" on Melatone Records). After the name change, they recorded "Western Movies" (Demon Records) in the summer of 1958. Co-written by Fred Smith and Cliff Goldsmith, "Western Movies" made it to #8 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song reflected the nation's preoccupation with western themed movies and television programs. It told the story of a man who lost his girl to TV westerns, and it included doo-wop harmonies as well as background gunshots and ricochet sound effects.

In 1959 the group recorded "(Baby) Hully Gully," which initiated the hully gully dance craze. "Big Boy Pete," which the group released in 1960, served as inspiration for The Kingsmen's "The Jolly Green Giant". Over the next ten years The Olympics recorded upbeat R&B songs, often about dances popular at the time. … Read the original text here >>> The Olympics

formed in 1957 by lead singer Walter Ward (August 28, 1940 – December 11, 2006)

The group also included Eddie Lewis (tenorWard's cousin), Charles Fizer (tenor), Walter Hammond (baritone), and Melvin King (bass)

The Olympics - Good Lovin' - 1965

This is the original release of ”Good Lovin’ ” one year earlier than  "The (Young) Rascals

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