Los Shakers

60’s Pop 

Years active; 1964-1969, 1971, 2005

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Los Shakers - Rompan todo (1965)

Montevideo, Uruguay,                  South America

The Band was formed in 1964


Los Shakers (The Shakers) were a popular rock band in 1960s and was a part of the Uruguayan Invasion in Latin America. They were heavily influenced by the look and sound of the Beatles. In the late 1960s they would broaden and expand their musical direction before breaking up at the end of the decade.


Members; Hugo FattorusoOsvaldo Fattoruso†, Roberto "Pelin" Capobianco †, Carlos "Caio" Vila

The band was formed in 1964 in Montevideo, Uruguay by brothers Hugo Fattoruso (lead guitar and keyboards) and Osvaldo Fattoruso (rhythm guitar), after watching the movie A Hard Days Night starring the Beatles. They were modeled after The Beatles and even adopted similar haircuts and clothing, as can be seen in their record cover. The band sang many songs in English, despite their location, and gained their greatest popularity in Argentina… Read full Info here >>> Los Shakers

Break It All - 1965

Its Not Bad - 1966

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