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Kouvola Wing Race 1 5-6 February 2005

Hot motors inside
Hot motors inside

On friday the 4:th I took a flight from Stockholm to Helsingfors and from the airport I got a ride with Jari Porttinen to the track in Kouvola which is about one and a half hour from Helsingfors.

The track
The track seen from top turn towards the bank

Since last time they have worked some more on the track and also secured it more to the floor.

The "donut"
Nice legs. Aren't they?

Friday was practice day in a relaxed environment
The track was in a really good condition thank to a evening race they had on wednesday.

My car, to the right.

Most of us slept in a nearby school on mattresses or what we had.
There were two winner in the category "best looking pillows".

Tuomo  Juha
Tuomo Iso-Aho's cool and relaxed pillow to the left against the more joyful tiger by Juha.

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