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Swedish Championship (Riksmästerskap) Norsjö, Sweden 3-5 November 2006

Per Persson and Norsjö MHF-Ungdom hosted the 2006 Riksmästerskap, or in English, Swedish Championship, in the wing car classes.
This was their first major race on their new Per Persson King track. The track sported a nice purple color scheme (Joel Montague, Camen, would be proud). The color worked well with the lane stickers.
Per Persson
Per Persson

G-12 Box "Big"

On friday afternoon the Box 12 class was run with the attendance of two Finnish racers who did very well at the scale race "ISRA North European Championship" earlier this year , Atte Hietalahti and Atte Lyyski.
The duo came to Norsjö by car and since only Hietalahti has a driver license he had to do all driving which is approx. 1.000 Km! (600 miles).

In the main Mattias Karlsson took the lead from the first heat and then held on to it all the way to victory with 309 laps followed by Daniel Larsson 306 and Atte Lyyski 303.

In Finland they race with one make motors only in their G-12 classes which was a handicap for the Finns here.

1. Mattias Karlsson 309
2. Daniel Larsson   306
3. Atte Lyyski      303
4. Atte Hietalahti  300
5. Anton Bäckström  273
6. Viktor Norman    259
7. Linus Bjursell   243
8. Robin Norman     197

Main results
Total box 12 results

G-27 semi final A
Semi-final A in Group 27: Jari Porttinen, Andreas Karlsson, Mattias Karlsson, André Eriksson, Juha Yli-Sipola Finland, Lars-Erik Andersson, Richard Jonsson and Leo Hongisto Finland.

During the Box 12 class another car with Finnish drivers turned up. They had an easier time driving since the car was packed with more senior racers.

After the Box 12 race practice for Grp. 27 and Grp 7 started. The grip was already so good that you could do all your tests on motors, chassis, bodies etc. The only thing to wait with was tire choice and, as it turned out, braid wear.

Group 27 Big (light) and Group 7

On saturday we started with the Group 27 classes. Both classes were run together but with separate result lists. In the "big" class you have to use single magnet motors and chassis made out of steel. No aluminum, carbon fiber or other exotic materials are allowed.

The qualifying was close and the bye rounds saw improved times. The leaders after the first round did not have times enough for the top three spots after the bye round.
Lasse Åberg topped the chart 1,836 followed by André Eriksson 1,866 and Juha Yli-Sipola 1,877.
Qualifying list

After the semi-finals two of the big class cars (drivers) had performed well enough to be together with the other Group 27 field.
Atte Lyyski and Atte Hietalahti
Atte Lyyski and Atte Hietalahti from Finland working on their countrymen Juha Yli-Sipolas and Leo Hongistos cars

In the Group 27 main Finnish Jari Porttinen grabbed the lead and drove to victory. Lasse Åberg came in second place with Juha Yli-Sipola in third. Juha charged hard in the last heat but had an engine failure.

1. Jari Porttinen   838
2. Lasse Åberg      822
3. Juha Yli-Sipola  797
4. Andreas Karlsson 787
5. André Eriksson   718
6. Daniel Larsson   628
7. Mattias Karlsson 612 "Big/Light"
8. Leo Hongisto     487

Main Grp 27 results
Total Grp 27 results. Note the classes are not yet separated here.

Grp 27 Big
Grp 27 Big. 4:th Atte Hietalahti Finland, 3:rd Henrik Nilsson, 2:nd: Mattias Karlsson and winner Daniel Larsson

Grp 27
Group 27. 2:nd Lasse Åberg,. 1:st Jari Porttinen Finland, 3:rd Juha Yli-Sipola Finland

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