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Swedish Masters 2007
Hjärup 24-25 March

Once again Lars Harrysson and his family organized the Swedish Masters.
It is not only the race but everything around it with accommodation in their home, in campers and apartments in Lund.
Eating? Yes! Beverly made food for us all and Shaan took care of the bar and made sure that you could have coffee, sandwiches and other food.

The garage has been expanded again making space for more and more racers.

Open 12 Qualifying

There were 52 Open 12 cars on the grid.
Open 12

Open 12

Brian Saunders, Great Britain, was by far the quickest in qualifying 4,657. Behind him "team mate" Graham Woodward 4,797 and third Steen Michaelsen, Denmark, 4,805.
Qualifying results


After the qualifying all drivers drove semi-finals with the top eight from qualifying moving to the main
Open 12 semi-finals g
Open 12 semi-finals f
Open 12 semi-finals e
Open 12 semi-finals d
Open 12 semi-finals c
Open 12 semi-finals b
Open 12 semi-finals a
Open 12 Total results semi-finals


In the main were Michael Landrud, Anders Gustafson and Lasse Åberg from Sweden. Steen Michaelsen and Lars Nörkjaer from Denmark. Jirka Karlik from Czech Republic. Atte Lyyski from Finland and Brian Saunders from England.

After the first heat the Swedes were in top with Michael Landrud leading in front of Anders Gustafson and Lasse Åberg.

After the second and third heat Michael and Lasse were sharing the lead.

The Dane Steen Michaelsen and the British drivers Brian Saunders were moving up the table throughout the race and finished second and third.

Atte Lyyski had some troubles but were still impressive reaching the main at his first time on this track.

1. Michael Landrud, Sweden       466
2. Steen Michaelsen, Denmark     460
3. Brian Saunders, Great Britain 455
4. Jirka Karlik, Czech Republic  453
5. Anders Gustafson, Sweden      453
6. Lasse Åberg, Sweden           442
7. Lars Nörkjaer, Denmark        439
8. Atte Lyyski, Finland          394

Top three
Steen Michaelsen, Michael Landrud, Brian Saunders

Main final results
Total results Open 12

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