Any bad language, verbal intimidation, shouting/moving during anothers stroke, stamping on anothers line or unsportsmanlike behaviour of any kind will be overlooked.

Göran 6 - 7 Jay
79 St Andrews 76
72 Lindrick 71
79 Royal Melbourne 80
68 Apache Stand 69
69 Cypress Point 64
73 King´s Ransom 69
64 Örebro GK 70
71 Royal Dornoch 69
74 Crash Point West 67
69 Desert Pines 72
68 Augusta National 71
67 Giants Ridge 63
68 Kiawah Dunes 69

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Mentzer outlasts Johnson to take Royal Melbourne Melbourne 2001-09-23 (AP) - Under the oppressive heat of the Austrailian sand belt, golfing fans witnessed another great match between Mentzer/Johnson. Once again the match came down to the final hole. Tied on the eighteenth tee, both players drove into the right rough. Finally on the green, Johnson needed a 20' putt to claim par. After a brave attempt his putt came to rest 3" from the left lip. Mentzer then calmly sunk his par putt to take the match. The real winner was Royal Melbourne Golf Course. Both players found the course to be a stern test. Let's hope next weeks matches will prove to be as exciting.