Nataz/Lelldorin 1997

We start from May 1997, anything before that is rather boring and no use of telling.
At that point there were 4 members, Fredrik Lundquist on guitar, Jocke Svensson also on guitar,
Kristian Persson on Bass, Gustav Hjortsjö on drums, and no one on vocals.
We called ourself Nataz back then.
Sometime at that period we got a singer, Axel Theorin.
We rehearsed the whole summer and wrote four songs.
Our bassplayer was on vacation the whole summer so Jocke took over the bass while he was away.
When Kristian got back from the vacation we noticed that he just couldn't play the new songs,
so to be able to progress we decided to kick him sometime in July 1997.
Now with Jocke on bass we wrote the lyrics to the four songs
"Deathknight Invasion" "Knightmare" "Wizard of Darkness" and "Sword".
We changed our name to Lelldorin, and in August we recorded those four songs at NMK Studios.
The Demo was called "Wizard Of Darkness",and was limited to 24 tapes.
We played about three gigs with those four songs in September-October 1997.

Lelldorin live at 7ornas afton, Norregårds fritidsgård September 1997



Swords Of Destiny 1997-98

Near christmas 1997, we had some new songs and our singer Axel come up with a new name:
Swords of Destiny. Our music was a lot of 80's then so it suited us fine.
The name lasted one gig. It was at Norregård, Feb 4th 1998.
We had written S.O.D on the poster, so people thought that Stormtroopers of Death
would play in Växjö! This was the last gig with Axel on vocals.
In February 1998 we started to record 8 songs for our next demo, once again at NMK studios.
The music was finished in two weeks. Now to the vocals.
Axel had started to be away from the rehearsals, and in the middle of March he'd only
put vocals on 2 songs.
So we kicked Axel, who stole the lyrics, and the demo was never finished...

The Famous S.O.D flyer



Talion Mk. I & Mk. II
April 1998 - November 2003

In April 1998 Gustav got a double-pedal, and we started to play more aggressive.
We searched for a singer and started to play Death/Thrash fulltime.
In the summer we got tired of searching for a singer.
Fredrik took over the vocal duty, and wrote lyrics for the new songs.
We also changed our name to Talion.
In September 1998 we had 8 completely new songs finished.
We recorded those songs at NMK studios as always.
It was a really rushed studiosession, and untight.
You can find the songs from this session on The Silent Neurotic Supremacy cd.

In early October 1998 we had our first gig with Talion,
and in November we had our first payed gig at Elvagården in Växjö.

The first gig with Talion

In april 1999 we recorded 4 songs in one day, at Studio GIG in Tingsryd.
We re-recorded Supremacy, with Gunnar "Gain" Persson,
the engineer on guestvocals, and Twilight Mistress.
We also recorded 2 tracks named The Fear Remains, and The Heretic.
These 2 tracks have never been released.
Why? Because when we returned to Studio GIG 6 months later, to mix the 4 tracks,
someone had used our mastertape for another session! He thought that our session was
mixed a long time ago...

2 other songs from this period, Haunted By The Past and Nightlord,
have never been recorded by Talion. The sad thing is that none of us
remember them anymore, so they will be lost in time.
Fredrik later used the lyrics for Haunted By The Past, in his project [NassoNosferatu].

In May 1999 we played at the last Växjö Stads-Scen "festival" ever.
Fragments from this gig have been broadcast on Swedens National TV.
A friend of ours filmed it when he was shooting material for the TV show "PS".

Talion performing at the last Stads-Scen in Växjö, May 1999

All bands performing at the last Stads-Scen

One month later we played "For Peace On Balkan" infront of like 15 people.
The only funny thing about that gig was that it was called
"För Fred I Balkan" in swedish, so I introduced myself "Hej, det är jag som är
Freddi Balkan", not popular, but damn fun!
In August 1999 we started to record "The Silence" session, at NMK Studios.
We thought about sending the tape around, but it wasn't tight enought.
The whole Silence-session can be heard on The Silent Neurotic Supremacy cd.

Talion playing "For Peace On Balkan" June 1999

Erik Almström joined Talion early December 1999.
Two weeks later we played our last gig as a trio in Kalmar supporting Excubitor.

The last gig as a trio in Kalmar, December 1999

In 2000 we went away from the Death/Thrash and tried to play some weird
progressive deathmetal instead. It took us about 6 months to write 3 songs.
The idea was to release a concept demo called "The Contradiction Of A Cynic".

It never happened. We tried out the songs live, two times.
The first time at Uffes Källare, Växjö, November 25th 2000.
The second time at Gustavlund, Växjö, February 2001.
We noticed that the new progressive material didn't work live,
so we started to write death/thrash again.
Fredrik later recorded "The Contradiction Of A Cynic" songs for his project [NassoNosferatu].

Talion live at Gustavlund, Växjö, February 2001

In May 2001 we played one gig at Norregård, with Reaping Chaos, Litania, and cult-band Solsken.
Reaping Chaos had Gustav on drums and Erik on lead-guitar.
Solsken had Fredrik on bass/vocals and Jocke on guitar/vocals,
and Litania featured Jocke on bass/vocals, so it was a night of total inbreed!

Gustav abusing the ride at Norregård, May 2001

Two weeks later we played at Böksholms Festivalen, as opening band,
and it was the worst festival in the history of mankind.

This is the worst so-called "sound engineer" in the whole world, shoot at sight

In September 2001, Fredrik moved from Växjö to Stockholm.
Erik and Gustav then began to write most of the material.
In 2002 we asked a friend of Gustav to do a new homepage, and to design some demo-covers for us.
A year later nothing had happened.
In August 2002 we played at an obscure festival near Växjö, called Säljeryd.
We took some promo photos in November, at various places in Växjö.

Promo shooting November 2002

In February 2003 we had finished writing 9 songs.
Through February 24th - March 2nd, we were occupied in Soundlab Studios in Örebro,
with Mieszko Talarczyk from Nasum.
We worked 14 hours a day, recording at least half of the material by our own.

Our plan was to divide the 9 songs into 3 demos, with 3 songs on each.
We released two, before we split up.
Talion played their last gig April 5th 2003, at Folkets Park in Växjö.
The original line-up of Talion split up in November 3rd 2003,
due to distance, boredom, and various musical conflicts.

The last gig with the original line-up of Talion



Talion Mk. III
November 2003 - January 2006

Ready to get back in control, Fredrik decided to keep the name, and continue with a new line-up.
This was approved by all founding members. No harm done, and Talion lived on.
Magnus Karkea, close friend to Fredrik, was recruited as second guitarplayer, and Martin Missy from Protector,
was recruited to handle the lead vocals. In May 2004 Fredrik Palmquist tried out as drummer on two occassions.
He wasn't the right one, so Calle Sjöström got down behind the kit in June, and became the drummer.
Frustrated by the fact that he couldn't find a bassplayer, Fredrik forced Magnus to become Mr bassman.

The new line-up was finally complete, then suddenly one day we had no drumkit.
Talion was inactive from November 2004 until July 2005, when a new drumkit was bought.
Before he quit in January 2006, Magnus contributed with material for all the 5 songs Mk. III wrote.


Talion Mk. IV
January 2006 - Present

On friday the 13th of January, Ludvig Engellau joined Talion on bass and ultradeep vocals.
Talion is finally back with a solid line-up, so watch out for our upcoming stuff!