Legions of Fury

Music: G. Hjortsjö, F. Lundquist
Lyrics: F. Lundquist

Does the patriotic flame burn as bright
When you see the napalm rain
Do you support your government until death
When it's only interfering to maintain capitalism

Do you really know what you are fighting for
When the blood of the enemy
Slowly transforms into your own flesh
As the legions of fury invades your head

Are you proud of the flag on your uniform
When you see another village in flames
Can you look the little girl in her eyes
After she'd been raped by your platoon

Suddenly you see through the eyes of the enemy
What this war has become
And your hatred turns against your own
As the legions of fury invades your head

Killing every thought of humanity
To feel no guilt while pulling the trigger
Is this really what you came for
Everyday slaughter, everynight madness

The legions of fury guides you again
And you know that you are war made flesh
All the lost souls are gathered now
As you lead the final attack, ARMAGGEDON