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What Did I do?

I was born 1952 and raised in a very nice place called Johannesfred in Ulvsunda, Bromma, Stockholm in the 50’s and 60’s, just when the Rock & Roll was the music that ruled. As certain as glue, good music sticks, that’s why I’m collecting Rockabilly, Hillbilly bop, Doo Wop, real R&B (not like todays), Teen Beat, Surf and the 60’s soul, twist and Pop. Made my obligatory service in Gotland - P18 Visby. 1971/72. After that, I went on to be commercial sailor in 1972/73 and worked as an electrician on the two ships you can se below. I visited places like Immingham, GB - Liberia, Africa - Yokohama & Nagasaki, Japan - Kuwait, Persien Gulf - Djibouti, French Somaliland (changed name in 1967) - Antwerp, Belgium - Genoa, Italy - Newport News, VA, USA and Narvik, Norway. When I got back home I lived the life of a king for a while. Got married new years eve 1973 with Ditte, and I’m still riding down that road, and living in Gagnef, Dalarna, and that’s of course in Sweden.

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What's In My Head?

Everything from parapsycology to psycology and almost all things in between. There in lies the things that may or may not be out there in the vast universe, like UFOs and Aliens (E.T.’s) and that feels like  ”wow", for now!

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