Five Satins

Doo Wop // White Doo Wop

Members 1956: leader Fred Parris, Al Denby, Ed Martin and Jim Freeman and Nat Mosley

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New Haven, Connecticut, USA

Years active 1954-present


The group, formed in New Haven, Connecticut, consisted of leader Fred Parris, Lewis Peeples, Stanley Dortch, Ed Martin and Jim Freeman and Nat Mosley in 1954. With little success, the group reorganized, with Dortch and Peeples leaving, and new member Al Denby entering. The group then recorded "In the Still of the Night", a very big hit in the United States which was originally released as the B-side to the single, "The Jones Girl". The single was ….

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Original releases, STANDORD-106 / EMBER-1005   1956   b/w   DUNES 45-2007 (US) 06/1961

This release, re-issue on  Rocki’n Mania Rmgd 222 ”Gold Mine Series" [19??]

The Five Satins - In the still of the nite   b/w   Curtis Lee - Pretty little angel eyes

In The Still Of The Nite - 1956

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