George & Earl


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George McCormaick: Carthage, Tennessee, USA

Born 1933; Dead Unknown


Earl Aycock: Meridian, Mississippi, USA

Born Nov. 1930;  / Dead Unknown


George McCormick and Earl Aycock weren’t natural-born collaborators, they didn’t start singing together at an early age, and they weren’t necessarily made to fill in the gaps the other left. They were working musicians who teamed up in their early twenties during the mid-‘50s, somehow finding a common ground in how country was slowly morphing into rockabilly. George & Earl never had commercial success, but their records were nervy enough to gain a cult following, and they still pack a punch decades after their recording.


Original release  MERCURY 70852X45 (US) 04/1956

This release, repro MERCURY 70852X45 [1972]

Done, gone  //  Better stop, look and listen

Done, Gone - 1956

Better Stop, Look and Listen - 1956

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