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Birth name, John Lamers // Birth name, Bill Reeder

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John Lamers: Eindhoven, Netherlands

Born June 28, 1942 (age 76)


Info! (NL) John Lamers

John Lamers is a Dutch former singer. He is best known for his hit "I admire you.   Biography: In 1960, Lamers joined the Cabaret of the Unknowns and came into contact with the Skyline Quartet. They decide to continue together as John Lamers with Cees & his Skyliners, in which Lamers is a singer and guitarist. Cees Dingen was the original guitarist of the Skyliners. Initially they play English songs, but Peter Koelewijn persuades them to play in Dutch. That gives them their first hit. In the autumn of 1961 "Crazy love (Oh what a night)" is ranked 22nd in the charts. Oscar Remeeus was singer / guitarist of the Indorock group The Dynamites from Eindhoven around 1960. He delivered Lamers - then accompanied by Cees & his Skyliners first hit in 1961: the Crazy love composed by Oscar. The Dynamites is the original performer of Crazy Love, which she recorded in the Phonogram Studio in 1961. The album was not released, but a year later by Lamers with Cees & his Skyliners on the CNR label. Then there are a number of singles in Dutch, English and two in German, but they no longer know how to get into the hit parade. In the same period, Cees & his Skyliners, without Lamers, also record two instrumental singles. In 1965 Lamers and Cees & his Skyliners decide to split up. Lamers then switches definitively to Dutch-language repertoire. With this he knows together with Wil van Weert three times a top 40 hit: in 1966 with "I admire you", which came to # 13, and in 1968 with "Roosmarie" (# 25) and "Costa Brava" (# 17). In 1969, Lamers still participates in the National Song Contest, but his contribution "If a thunderclap" ends with 0 points shared last. Until 1972, Lamers still has a few singles that none of them are very successful. After that, it ends with his singing career when he lands on his steering wheel with his larynx during a fall of his bike. Years later, reissues of "Crazy love" and "I admire you" are published, but Lamers has already more or less fallen into oblivion. After his unfortunate fall is to work as a copywriter in the advertising world, where he brings it to account executive.

Original release CNR UH9530 (NL) 10/1961  b/w  Original release VOLL PARA 100 (US) 06/1961

This release, re-issue on REQUEST «Good Oldies» RRS 001 (B) [1970]

John Lamers (NL) with Cees and His Skyliners - Crazy love   b/w   Bill Reeder (US) - Till I waltz again with you

John Lamers with Cees and His Skyliners - Crazy love - 1961 (in Dutch)


Bill Reeder

Bill Reeder: Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Born Unknown; Died 1998


Discography:  Bill Reeder

He recorded at Fernwood, Voll Para and Hi Records. 

Else no info!

Bill ReederTill I waltz again with you - 1961 (US)

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