Lloyd Arnold


Birth name: Lloyd Arnold McCollough aka Lloyd Arnold, Lloyd McCollough

cousin of  Eddie Arnold

always klick on pic’s


Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Born June 25, 1935; Died 1976 (aged 41)


Lloyd Arnold McCollough (born June 25, 1935 in Memphis , Tennessee , † January 10, 1976 ) was an American rockabilly musician . He is also known under the name "Lloyd Arnold", which he used from 1960 for his publications.


Childhood and youth

Lloyd McCollough was the youngest child of his parents John and Clemmie. At an early age he suffered from meningitis , which in most cases led to death. But McCollough was lucky and recovered from the serious illness. During his school years, he dreamed of a career as a baseball professional, but when he got a Christmas mandolin in 1951 , was his interest in music. He learned to play the mandolin and Hank Williams became his idol. After his death McCollough decided to become a musician.   … Read all the original (German) text here >>> Lloyd Arnold

Lloyd Arnold ”Memphis  Vol 7White Label Wlp 8921 [1987]

Gonna Love My Baby - 1956

'cause I Love You - 1956

Half My Fault - 1958

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