New OpenGen Adlerkorps e-file (0.309) and new Datup (only for Pg2).


New OpenGen Adlerkorps e-file (0.306) and new Datup (only for Pg2).


New OpenGen Adlerkorps e-file (0.28) and new Pg2 Adlekorps e-file (0.98).


New datup and new flagshifter.


Did a very stupid mistake with the Pg2 e-file. It is now fixed. 0.97b is up.


Update to both the OpenAK and Pg2AK e-files. OpenAK is up to 0.27 and Pg2AK to 0.97. More updates will be coming - a new datup, a new graphics switcher, and lots of campaigns.


It has been a long time since I updated, I am sorry for that. I have a lot of campaigns to upload and new versions of both OpenAK and regular Pg2 AK. I will try to update the coming week, in the meantime, go to my forum to download the latest e-files.


New datup is out. New graphics switcher too.
I do work a lot on both the normal e-file (for Pg2) and OpenAK (for OpenGen), and new versions are often released on my forum, but not here.
I will update with new campaigns, a new version of both the Pg2 e-file and the OpenGen e-file here soon.


New datup and a new graphic switcher due to some bugs in the datup and a mistake by me in the graphic switcher on Clu's Efile.


New datup and new graphics switcher.


0.83 is out. This is mostly corrections of the transport weights on German infantry, several of which were for some reason wrong. I have also edited some air transport weights, courtesy of Golothin. I will edit all of them when I get back from christmas.


0.82 of the beta is out.
Lots of mistakes in 0.81 fixed - German Brückenpioniere were unable to get trucks for some reason. Now they can get transports.
All German planes now have the stats of the new air sheet (you can read the specifics and download it in the 'Formula for plane stats - suggestions' topic at my forum.
Some corrections to arrival and expire dates.
Some small corrections to stats.
Fallschirm-aufklärer-units have been added. They are infantry paratrooper recons for Germany. Also, I have given the 1940 Fallschirm units hard attack, but they now arrive in December 1940. Norway and France will have to be handled by the 38 Fallschirm units, who have no hard attack.


Some mistakes in 0.8 corrected. Error in availability dates for some units and German bridging units having engineering instead of bridging ability. Also, the 40 Aufklarungsinfanterie (former Aufklarer) and the 46 Fusiliere had somehow switched places, giving the Germans a very powerful motorcycle recon unit in any scenarios. This is fixed.
So without much further ado, AK 0.81.


While I uploaded the .zip file, it did not contain 0.8. I have been away on a business trip, but now the 0.8 is properly uploaded.


A quick update. E-file is up to 0.8. Germany is almost up to OpenAK standards. Why not try one of the German campaigns and try the new cavalry recons, Cossacks, infantry (of lots of variations) and mechanised Panzergrenadiere with their own movement - like cavalry! Oh, and tell me on my forum what you think. It is the standard of OpenAK.
I will be putting in some real work into the e-file to prepare for OpenAK, so there might be new versions soon.

ArmygroupDF has updated the Soviet Black Sea Campaign, so that is updated.

For some reason, I never uploaded the 2008 soundup. It is available now, though. I also fixed the links for the smacks and sounds for Golothin's The Legions of Il Duce campaign.


A very long overdue update. Lots and lots of new stuff.

Equipment file is up to 0.79. There's a taste of the future OpenAK in the German infantry list now. I could use some help with sounds and icons, if you want to lend a hand. I intend to work on the e-file quite a bit in the close future.

Campaign updates: Millerblitz+, US North Africa and Italy Campaign, Meine Ehre Heisst Treue, The Legions of Il Duce and the German World Campaign.
New campaigns: Mussolini's Afrika Korps, Big Red One, Blitz 2008, No Price Too High, Forces Francais Libres, Guderian's Gambit, For King and Empire, Legue of Nations, Le Petit Guerre, North Africa Campaign and Romanian Campaign 1941-1945.

New scenario: Seelow Heights by Clu.

Also some updates to the sounds and videos.

Since it was so long since I updated, it is quite possible I missed something. If you sent me something AK-related and it is not here, pleace contact me immediately so I can remedy that problem.


New datup again since there were some errors and missing icons in the Juner one.


New datup.


New equipment file, it is up to beta 0.63 now. Also, an update of The War of the Negus and a new conversion by the master of conversions, Pzmaniac, Bismarck13's US Campaign.
There's also three new stand alone scenarios. Fortress Frankfurt by Clu, Operation Paddle by Immortal Technique and Javorie Mountains by DragD.


Updated the graphics switcher to include the LG Cold War files as well as some new graqphics for Clu's efile.
There'll be another update soon, with one new campaign conversion, two new scenarios and an updated campaign, as well as 0.62 of the equipment file.


New dat and new graphicsswitcher (no new flags, but changed to a new standard making things easier).

I will update equipment file and some campaigns and scenarios later today or this weekend.


Never before in the history of mankind have anyone hated MS Word and Acrobat Writer with more passion. Now you know why this piece of shitty bastard new .exe is late. You get a crappy .txt file readme, ask at the forums if you don't understand that fucking shit. Yes, I am supremely pissed off right now, thus all the profanity, but you get the 2.20 exe at least.
Förbannade helvetes satans djävla skit för FAN!

2007-09-06 (too!)

Beta 0.6 is out. Some new units, some unit corrections, and most important of all - all horse carts now have wheeled movement again to make motorisation better (which is more realistic). There's also a new graphics switcher with a small AK correction and some new stuff - Clu's e-file is represented and Gustlik's has had a few updates.


Since there were some errors in the new datup, here's another one with corrected icons and some new ones. New graphicsswitcher too, with new startscreen (since there is a new datup) and Panzerliga 2.0 and IDF General flagsets.
I also got around to changing the link to the forum. I had forgotten that.

I have also uploaded 0.57 that contains some bug corrections and new icons and one or two new units. I will add more new icons later.


New datup, new graphics switcher (including the new background screen and Gustlik's flags). Also a new scenario, Kerch by Drag Dasan and Santiago Fuertes.


Damn, I had forgotten to edit the file that actually counts when adding new files in the graphicswitch. Now Sapper's KG e-file is also included.


Long overdue update again. Equipment file is up to 0.55 and there is a new version of the graphics switcher with an entry for Sapper's KG E-file added, as well as new files for the LG and Composite e-files.

I have uploaded Arpitec's The War of the Negus and the updates of Green Devils, French campaign 1940-1945 and Millerblitz+.
There's also a new scenario called Operation Diadem at the semi-historical scenario section. Also, 4 new smacks by Drag Dasan for The War of the Negus.


New datup and a small (very small) update of the Graphic Switch Tool to include the new dossier from the new datup.


Here's a small update. I've uploded Santiago's Crusade in Spain and MG 43's Arctic Storms, both converted to AK by me. I have also removed all ratings of campaigns, for two reasons. Firstly, I do not have time to play more than one or two scenarios of each, and that hardly makes them jusice for a rating, and secondly, I am making my own campaigns now, which makes me a bit biased.
I have also updated the equipment beta to 0.51 now.


An update LONG, LONG overdue.
There are updates of Crusade in the East and Spanish People's Army. Also, the Metaxas Line scenario has been updated. Three new campaigns too - Czechoslovak Campaign, Meine Ehre heisst Treue and 22. Infanterie Division Campaign.
The equipment file is now up to 0.5 - there is lots of new stuff in this version, so try it out.


Small update. I uploaded a new scenario - Arpad 1944 by Nyákas Gabór.
I have also updated the graphics switcher so that it works fully with the Latin Generals flags and dossier and included their start screen too.


Lots to update. First of all - new datup. Then a new graphics switch tool to replace the flag and dossier switch. This one can switch startscreens too. There are also Anzac stuff in it and updated AK and Latin Generals flags and dossiers.
Several new campaigns. ESC has made an update of the original SSI Blitzkrieg and Defending the Reich campaigns to use AK 4000 transports, nations and units. A Portugese Campaign 1936-1945 by the ever-productive ArmygroupDF is also available. Sotiris Thymodeas has also converted his Crusade in the East to AK 4000.
Lastly in the campaign section, my Polish campaign, For our Freedom and Yours is available.
The equipment file is up to 0.41 - I have done a general reduction in SA for AD, Flak, AT, RCN and TK to match the stats for similar guns in artillery class more. Tanks are still killing machines, but not super-vehicles any more. I am sure you will enjoy this change that si the first step towards finishing the AFV sheet and correcting the stats of all units in AK.
Two new scenarios too - Athens and Leros by Sotiris Thymodeas.
In the smack section, the smacks and music for my Polish campaign, new background sound, a smack by Steve Brown and the Allied General videos are available, courtesy of Luis Guzman.


Update. The beta equipment file is now up to 0.3 with lots of new units and new features from the 2.10 exe. All countries have transports set now, and all 1-range AD are FlaK, which means they can shoot both at air and ground targets like they should.
Three new campaigns - two by ArmygroupDF named French Campaign 1939-1940 about the battle of France from the French side and Duetsche Marinekorps Campaign 1937-1945 with lots of naval action and a ship core. The last campaign is Santiago Fuertes' Spanish People's Army, converted by me to AK. The Spanish civil war from the Republican side.
There is a new background sound as well as a scenario by Sotiris Thymodeas about the Italian invasion of Greece in October 1940 called Battle of Elaia-Kalama.
There is a slight update of the Flag and Dossier tool - the Baltic Dossier has been updated, so I gave the file version identity 'd'.
I think that is all for now.


I have finally uploaded ArmygroupDFs Soviet Black Sea Campaign.


Just so that you know, all of AK is now based at the teathree server, courtesy of my good friend Andreas. However, some problems might arise with this move, if you experience ANY problems ANYWHERE on the page, ie links that does not work, forbidden errors or anything else, please e-mail Andreas or contact me.
Also, after lots and lots of problems, ALL the Josua smacks should now be available for download.


A slight update of the flag and dossier tool - updated CN Efile flags and addition of Panzerliga Efile flags.
A new beta is available. Mostly corrections, but also an entirely new ship pricing system since it is now possible to buy ships in Pg2.
Also, all the smacks that I uploaded links for in the 13/5 update is now available from those links.


I updated the Panzer2.dat - no need to download it if you already got it, but this file got the documentation and is a self-extracting .exe of far smaller size.
Also, I have put up a smaller version of the flag and dossier tool, it is also a self-extracting .exe now.
The greatest news is the PG2UK210.exe, the new patch by the awesome 008!


Lots of new stuff. First of all an update of the flag- and dossierswitch tool, it now includes most e-files. If one you want to use is not included contact me and I'll fix it.
The smacks page has been updated with new smacks by Drag Dasan and Josua. Note that the links wont work for a while, since I cannot access the teathree server the normal way - the smacks are available from (replace with the filename of the smack you want) though.
There is also an alphabetically sorted list of all smacks to make it easier to find a specific smack for a specific campaign. In the process of making this page I corrected several mistakes in the smacks page.
There are also several new sections, as you can see to the left. Feel free to check them out!
Two campaign updates - one of the Modified Ostfront by Pzmaniac and one of the Das Reich by WonderDoc. A new Modified German World Campaign by Pzmaniac is also available. Toldi has updated the Ercsi, Race to Budapest and Margit Line scenarios.

A new equipment beta is out and a new Panzer2.dat as well.


I have uploaded the new Panzer2.dat to the equipment page. Same filename, just packed with new icons.


The Pg2 2.02 patch is HERE!! Get it at the equipment section! All hail to 008!
Also, three new smacks by Drag Dasan.
Nearly forgot, AK 4000/4000 beta is up to 0.18 with lots of the new 2.02 features included.


A little (no, not so little) New Year's suprise from Drag Dasan!
This is a first ever in the Pg2 community - a campaign trailer!!

It is a trailer for my Polish campaign - view it here or go to the smacks and video page!!


6 new smacks by Drag Dasan.
Now that space for smacks has been resolved - I am still looking for the Allied General smacks - as smacks, not lumped together as one big .avi file, to put up here. If you got them, we can arrange something.
If there is anyone out there that speaks Ethiopian/Amharic, please contact me for help on Ethiopian unit names.


And the last update for this time - it has been a long day. Modified Ostfront by Conversionmaniac... Er, I mean Pzmaniac. This one contains different scenarios from other Soviet campaigns.


Pheeeeew. Finally the update of the scenario section is done. There is a SHITLOAD of new scenarios (I used the word "SHITLOAD" just to give Steve something to point out - now I have it FOUR times on the main page §:c).
I have uploaded 9 scenarios to the scenario section. Colmar Pocket and Nordwind 24 January by unknown authors (if you were the creator of one of these, mail me.
Also there are Nordwind Revisited by three authors, Maleme Sector, Metaxas Line and Duenkirchen 1940 by Santiago Fuertes.
Next up is Race to Budapest and Ercsi (and and update of Margit Line) by Nyakas Gabor. Finally there is Rostov41 by Leon.


I have now updated the flag and dossier switch tool - it now got the 2.4 Pacific File graphics as well as corrected Leon File graphics.


Update. I have uploaded some 50 smacks or so (some of them are now at another location - since I am running out of space on this server, all new smacks will go there. I might also upload all old smacks there too. That server allows directory listing, so clicking on the link will allow you to browse the files directly. Of course, the smacks page has been updated and has links to all the smacks.
I will continue to update the scenario, campaign and equipment pages later today.
The donation page has been slightly updated too, with a donation count. The first donation has arrived. If I get another, I think I will buy a meal and a beer at the pub for my friend who owns and allows me free space there.
I am still uploading the smacks, so some if the Bismarck smacks might not work for another hour or so.


First of all, I now have the 2.01 patch for download, the new soundup and an updated version of the flag and dossier switching tool - with more flags and dossiers available.
Two new campaigns - November 1942 by Maarten Folkers (converted by Pzmaniac) and Eastern Front 42-45 by Thomas Kluetsch (also converted by Pzmaniac). I have also uploaded Brest-Litovsk in the hypotethical scenarios section - I have 8 more scenarios and a SHITLOAD of smacks to upload too, but I think that will have to wait until tomorrow.
Once again I plead to scenario designers to include number of turns, nations, an introductory text, date and a suitable image when you send your scenario to me - it makes it easier and faster to upload.
I have also added a donation page - it is now possible to donate a small sum to AK if you feel like it. Take a look at that section, I have some more explanations there.


Ok, a shitload of new stuff. 6 new campaigns and 5 updates. I am a bit too tired to list them properly right now. You'll have to look for them yourself at the campaigns section.
the big thing is Beta 0.11 of my 4000/4000 equipment file. This one got Ethiopia, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia and Canada added - the first three got their units, the others havent had all their added yet.
I have also uploaded Leon's new Flags and Dossier switching tool - Baltic, AK 4000, LG Efile and Pacific File flags and dossier are available so far. If you want me to add your file's dossier and flags1.shp, send them to me and I'll out them in next time I am updating.
I think I'll have to wait until tomorrow with the scenarios. 14 hours Pg2 straight can make the best modder tired. §:c)
Nearly forgot, smack section is updated too.


Yesterday, I uploaded the new Pg2UK200.exe patch by 008. Today, I have put up links to it at the equipment section.


I have now uploaded the new Pg2UK102H patch, a further development by a new 007, that adds a lot of new features to the game. Get it at the equipment section.


Update continues. I've uploaded a batch of campaigns. German World Campaign, Greater Europe and Fall Weiss has been updated. Fall Weiss is really an entirely new campaign. Green Devils, German Gibraltar Campaign, Bistrov, Balkans 1941 and Wacht am Rhein have been uploaded. I have three more campaigns to upload, too.
An update LONG overdue. In this initial batch, there is 14 new smacks. 11 by ArmygroupDF for his Gibraltar campaign, 2 Romanian ones by Drag Dasan and 1 by Santiago Fuertes for his Balkans 1941 campaign.
There is also two new sounds - for the Bistrov campaign there is a file with the Soviet National Anthem and for the Greater Europe campaign all briefings sound files are available.

I will be continously updating section by section over the day.

Sooner or later, I will run out of server space, especially as people are making a lot of smacks. I have thus taken some steps to reduce the amount of space already used. I have gone through all scenario and campaign .zip files and removed anything redundant. If you want the old equipment file, the Pg2 Mods for Dummies document, the Spanish version of the campaign etc., you'll have to download the campaign from Steve Brown's Campaign Page. I will continue to do it this way to ensure that I can continue to provide an easy download of smacks and sounds as long as possible.

Since updating is proving to be more and more work, I would appreciate if scenario and campaign designers could include a picture they want to be used with their scenario/campaign and as much info as possible - map, number of turns, region of the fighting, involved sides, starting date of the scenario etc. While I can find this out myself, it does take considerable time.

I am still working on my Polish campaign, however, work is slow. I lack information about the battles of the Kampinoski forest (where parts of the Pomorze and Poznan armies managed to break through and reach Warsaw) and the later stages of the siege of Warsaw itself. If anyone have more information about these battles, please contact me on my e-mail.


Small update. The Arras 1940 scenario has been updated, and some errors on the scenario page (wrong e-mail and one on scenario wrong scenario creator but right e-mail) has been corrected.


Two new campaigns and two campaign updates. Also five new scenarios and a scenario update. First out is an update of ArmygroupDF's Turkish Campaign. Then there is Santiago Fuertes's Crusade in Russia campaign, as well as Steve 'Stevil' Brown's French Campaign 1940-1945 converted by Pzmaniac. Wonderdoc's Das Reich campaign is now available in its full version.
The scenarios are Arras 1940, Omaha - D Day and Krasny Bor by Santiago Fuertes, as well as Operation Rautbier by Toliy and Sinyavino by Hannes Gruber. All are available from the historical scenarios section. There is also an update of the Margit Line by Nyakas Gábor.
There are also a new smack by Santiago Fuertes, Division Azul Intro and four new smacks by Drag Dasan.


One new campaign and two new scenarios. First out is ArmygroupDF's Turkish Campaign.
Then there is two scenarios. Helsingborg 1939 by me and Operation Husky by ArmygroupDF.
There is also a new beta, 0.701, out, with a few bug corrections.


Since space issue is resolved and I have a day off, here is an update.
First of all, new smacks (Redarmy04, Ura02 and Finn01 by Toliy and Sealion, London1940 and Sealion_victory by Santiago Fuertes).
There are three new scenarios: Narvik by me, Teheran and G-plan by Santiago Fuertes.
Three new campaigns have also been added: Europe 1940 and Sealion by Santiago Fuertes and German campaign in Russia by Mr Happy.
A new beta, 0.7 is also available along with the new easy Flag Switcher and the latest Panzer2.dat.


Finally an update. There are a lot of new smacks (pzzug01, market03 and dday01 by Toliy and victory, red_victory and pacific by Santiago Fuertes), as well as all Armygroupdf's Turkish smacks. There are also three new campaigns and 2 updated campaigns, Fall Weiss and Weserübung by Santiago Fuertes has been updated, while Pzmaniac has converted Craig Miller's Greater Europe and Andreas Seidel's German World Campiagn to Adlerkorps equipment. Arpitec's Axis Slovakia campaign is also available. Then there is three new scenarios. Margit Line, an excellent scenario by Nyakas Gábor, El Alamein by Diego Esteban Villalon and Romanian Legion (I lost the e-mail and name of the creator when I had to nuke my system, so if you created this scenario, e-mail me and I will give you proper credits).
The latest beta, 0.68, has also been uploaded.


Update on the smack page. You can no longer download all smacks in one big file and the sounds have been split up to more managable parts - take a look. There is also 2 new smacks by Santiago and 5 by Toliy, as well as another by Halberdier.
There are quite a few new campiagns too, but I have to playtest them some more before uploading them, to grade them fairly. They will be available in the next update.


Another update, so far so good on updating more often. There is one new scenario, Rostov by Hannes Gruber, which can be found in the Eastern Front section of the Historical Scenarios. The smack page has also been updated with four brand new smacks. The allsmacks .zip file has not been updated, and it will not. It is sucking so much space that I will remove it in the next update, so if you want it, get it quick. I will try to split up the sounds download into more managable .zip-files. When I do, I will remove the allsounds file, so if you want that one, get it now too.


Phew, a new update. Two new smacks by Halberdier and some corrections. The image for the Crusader scenario had capital .JPG letters and did not show (case sensetive server). That is now fixed. I've also fixed the link for one of Halberdier's smacks. I am going to try to update more often, since there is a lot of work and I tend to put it off when it becomes a lot to update. The new campaign section should now allow for easy addition of campiagns. I've also found that the BIG .zip file with all the smacks are a stupid idea, sorry Progi. It takes too much time adding the new smacks and uploading that big file. So it will not get the new smacks from now on, you'll have to download the two new Halberdier smacks (Blue and Kursk) and all new ones from that separately.


BIIIG update. First of all, the smack and sounds page is now up in its final format and is accesable from the main page. All the scenarios, campiagns etc have moved to their own folders, but there should not be any problems. I've dumped the links and stretagy sections, since I did nto update them properly anyway. New beta available, it is up to 0.65 now, with new editor's version, with new PBEM version available as well.
There are a whole bunch of new smacks made by Bismarck and Halberdier, as well as all Pg1 and Pg2 sounds available now.
The campaign section has been remade, there are only campaigns designed for Adlerkorps available now.
There are three new campaigns and three new scenarios available. First out is Das Reich by Wonderdoc, one of the absolutely best campaigns I have ever played. Also, Red World Order by Santiago Fuertes and Pablo Schlegel and finally, US North Africa and Italy Campiagn by Steve Brown, converted by Pzmaniac. Get them at the new campaigns section.

The scenarios are Operation Merkur, Crusader (both at the African Front section of the historical scenarios) and Benghazi (at the African Front section of the semi-historical scenarios), all made by The Stahlhelm Team.

Please enjoy the update.


A last update before the holidays. I'll be leaving for Lund on the 16th and for my father's from there on the 21st, will be back the 1st or 2nd of January 2003. I will still be able to read mails and the forums, but probably not reply, unless it is very urgent. Today I celebrate the 3rd anniverary of Adlerkorps, too. Will be working hard during this 4th year.
So, what is new? Three scenarios and one campaign. Operation Gustav by me, a hypothetical Swedish intervention in the Finnish Winter War - get it at the Eastern Front section of the Semi-historical Scenarios.. There is also the Valor of the Green Devils by BlackDog from FFWC, available at the Italian Front section of the Historical Scenarios. The last scenario is Oporto by a Santiago Fuertes. A hypothetical Spanish invasion of Portugal in 1946. Get it at the Western Front section of the Miscanellous Scenarios.
The campiagn is Operation Weserübung by Santiago Fuertes. There is also and update of the Battle for the Hedgerows scenario.
Oh, nearly forgot, a small update of the 2000 beta equipment file is available too. And yes, Steve, the M10 is now set to arrive in January 1943.


Lightning-fast update. Frank James sent me a corrected version of Ponyri - Kursk North as soon as he got my comments. The date is now correctly set to July 5. I've corrected the rating accordingly, it is an excellent scenario that is very fun to play. You can see that a lot of time was spent making this, and the lightning-fast correction of the little error there was speaks for itself.
Try this scenario, I had a lot of fun playing it.


At last, an update. I really ought to update more often, but it takes a lot of time, thus I put it off again and again.
Well, there is several new things in this update. First of all, all scenarios are now sorted by front and start date, so they should now be easier to find. There are two new scenarios, Romny by Hannes Gruber and Ponyri - Kursk North by Frank James. Both are in the Eastern Front section of the Historical Scenarios. Both are also excellent scenarios - try them out.
Also, there is three new campaigns, Romanian Campaign 1.5, re-done by Arpitec, Fall Weiss by Santiago Fuertes and a Concept Campiagn by Marodeur.
There is also an update of the 2000/2000 equipment file, it is now up to 0.61.


Update. First of all, the beta is now up to 0.6, with editors files and BEMP files available, it demands the BizUp2, which is also available. Operation Felix by me is ready and available in the semi-historical scenarios section. Then something fantastic: A Bulgarian campaign! Yes, Carstvo Bylgarija by Arpitec is just waiting for you to download. Can you do well with Bulgarian troops in rough terrain? Also, Mlawa 4 player an Official 1st Annual Pg2 Party scenario can now be downloaded.
In the equipment section, I've put up both my artillery sheet and the 2000/2000 beta 0.6 loaded into the excel editor, so that people designing scenarios and campaigns can take a look at units, their abilities and the numbers of unpurchasable units.


Fastest update ever, I think. Only a slight update of the 1000/400 file, it is now at 2.8.


An update long due. I've had a lot to do, and I've been ill the last week to. Alright, the fact that I hand-code everything on this page also makes me a wee bit more reluctant to update. §:c)
There are 4 new scenarios this time. First is Konotop by Hannes Gruber, an excellent scenario modeling the fight to surround the Russian troops at Kiev. Then there's Torbuk 41 by Spam, a re-make of the SSI Tobruk scenario, quite fun. Then comes Guadalajara by me and Tikhvin Blockade by IronLunG.
The 2000 Beta is up to 0.5 now, with all air and infantry stats now set correctly. It is available for download, if you have comments and/or suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them.


Another update, not much to add, only the Fall Schweden scenario by me and Sub-carpathian Ruthenia by Arpitec. There's also 2.71 of my 1000/400 equipment file and the 2000/2000 is upto beta 0.4. Both demands the latest dat file, which has also been added. I've tried to do some updates to readmes, installation instructions and such, as well as my mail, which now is
Also, I'm hosting a Pg2 party this summer here in Östersund, Sweden. If you're interested, mail me or post at my forum.


And here is the promised second update, and there's a LOT of new and exciting stuff available. 4 new campaigns, a new scenario and two updated scenarios!! First out is Langemarck by Wonderdoc, a fun campaign about the Flemish volunteers in the SS. Then we have A Wehrmacht General's War by Whoopy-Cat, the legendary recon-killer and long-winded scribe of JP's Panzers. As one can expect, the campaign is as throroughly made as one of Whoopy's posts. Sapper 1-6's Axis Campaign is also available. Last, but absolutely not least, is Björn Neuhauser's brilliant The Legions of Il Duce. I must say that I am very impressed by The Legions of Il Duce as it is based on true OoBs, well playtested, offers variety and low-tech enviroment (something you rarely see in campaigns) and a very, very realistic feeling.
On the scenario section, Diego Esteban Villalón has made an Operation Hercules scenario and there's an update of the Sedan 1940 scenario as well as my own Mlawa scenario.
Also, now I make the beta of my 2000/2000 equipment file publically available. Please note that it is only a beta, currently at version 0.35 and that it contains numerous errors and unfinished work. You are all very welcome to provide feedback on it.


It's been a LOOOOONG time sine the last update, so there will be two quick ones now. First out is a lot of scenarios and a redone tips page, also, the links to my forum and Lasse's map page (at Builders Baradise) should now be correct. Also, all links to my mail (which is now) should be correct. In the next update, there will be three campaigns designed for the Adlerkorps files and the 0.35 beta of my 2000/2000 equipment file.
Now, there's a lot of new stuff in this update too... First out, All out war by Goldfinger, Bzura Breakout, Warta and Murmansk by Stephen deJong. As usual, they are incredible scenarios. There's also been an update of the Dukla Pass scenario, which is now in a finished state. Hannes Gruber has produced a very fine Borodino scenario, which is also available for download. Sapper 1-6's Legio IX Vindicti is also available, as is Karhu3's superb Sedan 1940 scenario. One last scenario, the Reval scenario by Tony Latta.
Also, the scenario section has been split into historical, semi-historical and miscanellous scenarios. I realized that the high number of images might be a heavy load for a modem user, so I split them up, to no use, I suspect, since the historical section is growing at an impressive rate. Thankyou, all scenario designers. §:c)


Well, well, well... Time for another update, perhaps? Two new campaigns, the first ones ever produced for the Adlerkorps equipment files. Steve Brown's British Western Desert and Italy Campaign completely retooled for the Adlerkorps Europe 2.25 Equipment file. G. Francesco Chini's Cruel Hunters has been added. There's also a bunch of new scenarios: Yelnya by Hannes Gruber, Narvik and Zitadelle Sud (4 player) by Sapper 1-6, Paris, Island Assault and Bi-plane wars by Adam Yurkanin. There's also an update of the Operation Sea Lion scenario.


I have been very neglecting with the updates. Having a lot to do is not really an excuse. Here goes a lot of updates. If you have sent me a scenario and I have not uploaded it here, mail it to me again. I lost lots of information when I had to upgrade to Win ME from Win 2000 Pro as the previous versions of the new 2000/2000 patch did not work on Win 2000 Pro.

Here goes three new campaigns; Revised Unternehmen Barbarossa Campaign by Maarten Folkers, 1942 Campaign (Update of New Defending the Reich) by Maarten Folkers, Red Storm Rising by Traveler.
Furthermore, six new scenarios; Churchill, Stalin and FDR (Creator, I lost your name and mail in the reinstall of windows. Mail me and I'll put up proper credits.), Normandy 44 - Fight for the Hedgerows by Karhu3, Dukla Pass by Leos Absatz, Sea Lion and Battle of the Bulge by Raoul and finally, Kharkov by Hannes Gruber.

I'm working on the 3.0 version of my 1000/400 and 1.0 of my 2000/2000 file. They'll be available soon. If you wish to contribute, mail me, or post at my forum.


Brand new update. The equipment file is now up to 2.25. Only minor changes to some stats and names. Also, there is now an editors version available, where all forts are in AT class and all ships in TB class. Wittman's Dieppe Raid and Dieppe Raid Counterattack scenarios are available. Maarten Folkers' Finnish Campaign has been updated. Also, Hannes Gruber's Stalingrad scenario has been updated. According to the author himself, the scenario is now "impossible". Do you take the challenge?


Sorry about the delay, I've been busy. Here is Hannes Gruber's superb Assault on Moscow scenario. Also, Sapper 1-6's excellent Winter Tempest scenario. The Retreat to the Tannenberg scenario has also been updated with a small bug correction.


The equipment file has been updated to 2.24. New graphics has been added, some of the new graphics are the excellent icons by PAT. Also Raoul's Black Santa scenario is available.


Hurrah! Stephen deJong's superb Retreat to the Tannenberg scenario is now available! Get it at the scenario section. A new campaign compatible with my file has been uploaded as well. Unternehmen Barbarossa can be found at the campaigns section.


Whoops! Grman just pointed out to me that I've completely forgotten the soundup! Boy, do I feel stupid! The soundup and datup are now the latest versions, that should eliminate any problem with the wrong icons and no sound.

Invasion of the US Campaign has been updated. As Hyldebo pointed out, a BV or V in Sea Battle did not takle you to Canada, but back to Iceland. That should now be corrected. I would still appreciate feedback on the campaign, even though I'm now working on my Operation Compass campaign, Conquest of Bardia scenario. Watch out for them!


Ok, some small updates. Maarten Folkers' Finnish Campaign was added, along with a small update of Stephen deJong's Advance on the Caucasus.
Also, I have started a poll on my forum about artillery stats. Some people think I should follow Oronozo's brilliant innovation in reducing artillery stats (less Hard Attack and Soft Attack) to make the game more historical. I think 30% less HA and SA would be good (of course prices will also be lowered). As compared, Oronzo reduced his stats by 50%.


This is a great day for the Adlerkorps! The entirely new design of the homepage is finally up! Swedish ww2 has not been updated yet, but it will be in a short time.
Everything has been remade. I've added a grading system for scenarios and campaigns at my site and I've been working a lot on the structure of my page so I hope you will find the result more easily navigated than its predecessor.

Perhaps I can tempt you with some new scenarios? And a brand new campaign demo? Desperate Days by Sapper 1-6, Sea Battle by me and The Last Redoubt by Eric Meng. Get them at the scenario section.
The campaign section has been expanded. I think I have posted every campaign compatible with my file. The juciest part is the 4-scenario demo of my Invasion of the US Campaign. I'm working hard on that one as you read this and I would love to get some feedback on it. E-mail me, or post at my forum.

Edited by Mikael Anteskog Adler