Special thanks to former members:

Mathias Öjermark, Martin Missy, Alex Zaino, Albert Wifstrand, Jacob Alberts, Johan Klevenskog and Magnus Wakander. Thanks to your contributions in forms of songwriting, lyrics and all the work you put into this band.

Thanks to the following bands that we have played with:

Atria, Cryoshock, Dead Awaken, Desolator, Detraktor, Enemy Within, Hostile Reaction, Inflikted, Obrero, Parasiterapung (formerly Hyenapung), Siniestro and Wolfcross.

But let's not forget about:

Linus Nirbrant who did an excellent job on our debut album, to the arrangers Nils Gullbrandsson and staff of Fredagsmangel, Christer and ÖHK, Fredrik Svensson of Death Kills, Erickson Acyatan and Aarrgghh Kolektib, to our friends and families who have supported us and the band, the countless new friends we have made on tour and to those who have been so kind to take the time and photograph us, shoot videos, review us (stellar reviews too) and interview us.