Paranoia Panorama

DVD, 2014

Paranoia Panorama


1. Intro
2. Derek's Don't Run
3. Ruins of Serenity
4. Beneath the Waves
5. Warzone
6. Doctor Butcher M.D.
7. Slaves to Eternal Insomnia
8. Anthropophagus
9. Intro
10. Jazzone
11. Smooth Eternal Insomnia
12. Easy Listening Transmission
13. Empty Chamber Orchestra
14. Doctor Butcher Blues
15. Derek Requiem
16. Anthropophagus (Tyresö Metal Festival)
17. Roadtrip to Eskilstuna
18. Derek's Don't Run (Copperfields, Stockholm)
19. Doctor Butcher (Copperfields, Stockholm)
20. Doing Stockholm a Favor
21. Backstage (Nalen Klubb, Stockholm)
22. Strontium Dog (Nalen Klubb, Stockholm)
23. Backstage (Rocks, Stockholm)
24. Video Intro
25. False Gods (Ruins of Time cover) / Slaves to Eternal Insomnia (Rocks, Stockholm)
26. Interview (Rocks, Stockholm)
27. Milk (S.O.D. cover) (Rocks, Stockholm)
28. Rehearsals
29. Examination of Bereavement (Copperfields, Stockholm)
30 Lost Transmission (Copperfields, Stockholm)

Format: DVD
Release date: September 20, 2014

The DVD is set in three chapters, one brutal set with the full band, one acoustic set without a drummer and a compilation of shots from various gigs and backstage clips throughout 2013.

Comes with a hand numbered tray card with the logo on the opposite side.

Guest appearances include band members from Smothered, Desolator and Obscyria.

Brutal Set (2013.06.28): Tracks 1 - 8, recorded at Copperfields, Stockholm.

Acoustic Set (2014.03.29): Tracks 9 -15, recorded at Copperfields, Stockholm.

One Year of Eternal Insomnia: Live and Backstage 2013: Tracks 16 - 30, recorded in various locations during 2013.

Christos Chatzikonstandinos: Guitars
Johan Klevenskog: Bass, Vocals (backing), Guitars (tracks 9-15)
Oliver Palmquist: Vocals
Magnus Wakander: Guitars (tracks 5-15, 19, 22, 25, 27-28)
Albert Wifstrand: Drums (except tracks 10-15)