Flesh of the Forsaken


Rich in history without looking forward too often When the five man strong thrashing death metal outfit from Stockholm come into play, their moods vary from narrow interpretations of ominous aggression, menacing fury and focused anger. The group's third release, the Flesh of the Forsaken EP from 2012, explores a lyrical universe consisting of the recurring history of humanity's affinity for warfare as well as other topics, set to a barbaric soundtrack of mid-paced, thrash-laden death metal that only Swedes can deliver.

Flesh of the Forsaken gives the impression that Phidion are a band of well-versed songwriters, and as such there's no time wasted on lackluster melodies or bland gimmicks. The EP is heavy when it needs to be, and fast when the flow demands it, rough around the edges, but refined at the core.

"The guitars provide a sturdy platform,"

For this type of no frills death metal, the simplistic nature of the guitar riffs isn't too out of place, but at times - when the bass isn't delivering its surprisingly interesting bass lines - Phidion lacks a bit of flavour and adventure. The guitars provide a sturdy platform, but border on banality more than once. The strings are, however, played with enough aggression, like the drums, to be capable of whipping up a storm.

Phidion have definitely procured an ample set of songs for an EP that doesn't leave much to be wanted, but at the same time has room for improvement. The band's skills in songwriting and flow definitely work to their advantage, and that ever so familiar tinge of Sweden's rich metal history is also highly present on Flesh of the Forsaken.

Score: 7/10
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Swedish band Phidon released their first serious demo record named Flesh of the Forsaken through their own efforts. Actually songwriting and style of vocals are very proper but drum machine that band used in this record is in a stage of very elemantary and not show us much effort as tunes and writing abilities and by the way this makes this record very mechanic.

If the band examine their drum sound in a way of much more proper and performs a sound and songwriting in a higher level of ear-bleeding, and then I am sure that reviewing of their songs and Phidon's records will be more easier for listeners and reviewers in future. Phidon plays death metal but not in the way of old school like many bands do nowadays, they play death metal effected thrash metal in a sound of high-speed and dirty rhytms. Although they are a band of 10 years history, they have just started to record, I hope that we will see Phidon near future with a real drummer and more proper records.

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Swedish death metal - it's almost unfair to introduce a band with this stone of burden. It immediately conjures expectations of early Dismember and Entombed, even encourages bands who merely emulate those bands with an HM-2 and a far shot at copying those greats. That is not Phidion, that is not even how you introduce Phidion.

Phidion could, but have no need to impress with accolades. Martin Missy leads this killer assault with his piercing vocals that have only become better seasoned since his legendary run with the brutal thrash legends Protector - late-80s German peers of mighty thrashers like Kreator. Anyone into extreme thrash has already perked up, extremely excited at the mention of Protector. Missy joins with two other parts an incredible trio - including bassist Fredrik Pihlström, who has an extensive resume including fronting another variety of extreme thrash band, Talion, since the 90s. Even more vicious is Guitarist Christos - a 15-year veteran of the Swedish death metal scene who blends his Swedish roots with the heavy viciousness of some of the harsher Floridian death metallers like Malevolent Creation and the brutality of Cannibal Corpse, though he is clearly a better songwriter than anyone in CC.

Yes, I could have simply called them a Swedish death metal band, but that is neither a fair estimation of the band's skill and style, nor a fair description of a band that carries a strong flair of originality amongst a sea of downright clones and ripoffs. Phidion are concentrated and brutal, original and enjoyable in their own right, yet much more familiar than alien as a solid death metal band. They offer a combination of both smooth songwriting and abrupt changes that rip the listener from their seat, like the middle of "Anthropophagus".

They're so good that I struggle, as a writer, to put you in the seat while hearing this music. It's just over 25 minutes long, conscious of the impact of their thrashy brand of death metal - in no rush to crank out a full-length for the sake of doing so, rather using a shorter run-time to pummel your head with vicious death metal. There is quite a variety of death metal riffing, adhering to no particular subset, rather being a well-varied onslaught. It's primarily fast and a combination of death/thrash riffs as well as pure death metal riffs that bridge several styles and generation of death metal seamlessly. As I said, this band is neither a clone nor a wannabe, they have their own sound, more distinct than most, and powerful enough that I suspect that each spin of this EP crushed some lame, derivative Entombed-worship band.

This is focused. It is a very coherent effort that wastes not a second from start to finish, ending almost too quickly after six songs, not that I could ever fault a band for leaving me wanting more. This band does an excellent job of changing up tempos, adding some stop/start riffing, and simply pushing and pulling the listener throughout this whole release. It is immersive, aggressive death metal from start to finish, with the only break being variations in the riffing, from mid-paced grooves led by the mighty Missy to fast death metal, blended with some unsettling stop/start parts that are reminiscent of the hammering nature of early Cannibal Corpse.

It's really good, but a few aspects leave me wishing for more. The production is sharp and clean, but these riffs are fucking dirty! Of course, this requires a sufficient volume for the listener to be hit by the full impact of the album, but it's so vicious that it feels like it might be better fitted to an old, dirty studio sound, more fitting of a basement, a run-down venue, even a cave. It is by no means excessively polished - it could easily rip the scrawny heads and other body parts off of a leaner death metal band like Cattle Decapitation, but I just want it to feel even more of the grit of the slaying they do - something between worshipping Slayer and using their music as a means of conveying egregious violence, because unholy shit, these riffs fucking kill!

The bottom line? The mighty Martin Missy of Protector meets a perfect match for his vicious vocals and Christos rips through 25 minutes of awesome death metal riffs and it's the most refreshing and oppressing death metal coming out of Sweden in recent years. Highlights? No, listen to the whole god damn thing, as long as you have 25 minutes to be eviscerated.

Score 9/10.
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Ominous aggression, menacing fury, focussed anger. These are the moods Phidion, a 5-man strong death-thrash outfit from Sweden's capital city, set on their third release, the Flesh of the Forsaken EP from 2012.

Exploring a lyrical universe of the recurring history of humanity's affinity for warfare and other fitting topics the Swedish band has a barbaric way of delivering mid-paced death metal with a few thrash riffs here and there to spice things up. Flesh of the Forsaken gives the impression that Phidion are a band of well-versed songwriters, and as such there's no time wasted on lackluster melodies or bland gimmicks. The Flesh of the Forsaken EP is heavy when it needs to be, and fast when the flow demands it.

Though the songs are generally well written and easy to follow, the same cannot be said about the guitar riffs. They work well with this kind of no-bullshit thrash-infused death metal, and helped along by some surprisingly interesting bass lines the riffs provides a fine platform for a good EP, but it's missing that extra something. The riffs are generally bordering on banality, but they're played with enough fervor and precision to provide a sort of quality. I'm tempted to say that the same goes for the drums, without going into too much detail because these are programmed.

In closing it can safely be said that Phidion have procured an ample set of songs for an EP that doesn't leave much to be wanted, but at the same time has room for improvement. The band's skills in songwriting and flow definitely work to their advantage, and that ever so familiar tinge of Sweden's rich metal history is also highly present on Flesh of the Forsaken. The great bass-work is a great bonus as well.

7/10 guitars.
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Good old swedish death straight outta Stockholm. The vocal arrangement consisting of growls and high shouts is raw, evil and uncompromising. The drums provide the characteristic bass/snare beats adorned with kinky blasts and some fast double bass action. Unfortunately those double bass parts sound a bit computerized. Altogether I also think that the drums are bit too penetrating, but nevertheless the drumming takes you straight into headbang mode. The bass sound is dirty and rough, perfectly fitting to the whole concept, also the guitar sound is taking you back to the early death metal days. Speaking of the guitars I gotta mention the nice tapping that is performed on "Anthropophagus" which is also my favourite track on this record. Also "Slaves to Eternal Insomnia" branded itself into my mind, with it's straight and brutal beat almost knocking my head off to this pile of skulls that is shown on the nice cover art. Although this sinister record is played skillfully and passioned, I'd like to hear a special "Phidion" note setting them apart from other bands like them, however "Flesh of the Forsaken" should be heard by all death metal fans who love to be remembered of bygone days, this one is a true old school pearl that shouldn't get lost in the depths.

4/6 points


Πολύ καλό Death Metal παλαιάς κοπής με αρκετά στοιχεία Black και Thrash από τους Σουηδούς Phidion στο πρώτο τους EP (ενώ φαίνεται να έχουν προηγηθεί δύο demos). Το γενικότερο ύφος θυμίζει αρκετά σκηνή Στοκχόλμης (από εκεί εξάλλου είναι και η μπάντα) με πάτημα κυρίως σε Dismember, Morbid, Nihilist και Grave ενώ δε λείπουν και οι αναφορές σε διάφορες άλλες μπάντες από Obituary ως και early Rotting Christ.

Ο mastermind πίσω από την μπάντα φαίνεται να είναι ο Christos Chatzikontandinos, βετεράνος που από τα τέλη του 90 έχει συνεργασθεί με διάφορες μπάντες. Το τελικό αποτέλεσμα είναι πάρα πολύ δυνατό και βγάζει κάποια ιδιαίτερη αυθεντικότητα (παρόλο που οι επιρροές είναι πασιφανείς) η οποία υποστηρίζεται πανέμορφα από κάποιες στιγμές που η μπάντα ή θα κάνει το απρόσμενο γύρισμα ή θα πετάξει την αβίαστη riffάρα και πραγματικά θα σε ξετινάξει. Το τεχνικό επίπεδο τις μπάντας φαίνεται εύκολα άνω του μετρίου και οι μουσικοί χωρίς ιδιαίτερη φλυαρία, στιγμιαία κάνουν κάθε τόσο και το κάτι το διαφορετικό και πιο βιρτουόζικο.

Φαίνεται όμως η μπάντα να είναι λίγο συγκρατημένη και μερικές συνθέσεις να σε πωρώνουν αρκετά αλλά να μη σε τρελαίνουν να θες να τα ρημάξεις όλα. Κάτι επίσης ελάχιστα αρνητικό είναι ότι η σύνδεση ανάμεσα στα διάφορα κομμάτια των τραγουδιών θα μπορούσε να έχει δουλευτεί παραπάνω σε μερικά σημεία ίσως για κάτι καλύτερο. Όπως και να έχει μιλάμε για πταίσματα που κρατάνε το EP από το να αγγίξει την τελειότητα, γιατί όπως προείπα πρόκειται για πάρα πολύ καλή δουλειά. Όλες οι συνθέσεις κρύβουν πολύ όμορφα σημεία όμως μπορώ να πω με βεβαιότητα ότι μερικές τουλάχιστον για μένα ξεχωρίζουν! Αυτές είναι το "Anthropophagus" που ΑΠΛΑ ΣΥΝΘΛΙΒΕΙ και το επίσης πολύ καλό "Strontium Dog", αμφότερα με ριφφάρες μεγατόνων. Πολύ μεγάλες προσδοκίες για τους Phidion τελικώς και ελπίζουμε και σε αντίστοιχα τρομερό ολοκληρωμένο ντεμπούτο κάποια στιγμή.

Rate: 8.5/10
Γιώργος “Kelenmar” Βασιλειάδης

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Damn you fucking drum machine. You strip the soul off all our hate. That said, Stockholm's Phidion do their best to camouflage the super sensitive timing of said artifact and come pretty close to achieving a sound that could be human. Certainly, if part of what Phidion does is thrash metal then their music needs that sloppy and disheveled execution. The other part of Phidion music is death metal with some smoked and blackened touches which when done correctly also need that human touch. Details as to why the band utilized a drum machine for Flesh of the Forsaken, their first EP, are unknown. As far as we know, Phidion has a stable line up that includes an actual human being at the drum seat. Fans of the oldies may dig the fact that at some point Martin Missy from Protector fame handled the vocals. Since 2012, that position has been taken by Oliver Palmquist, who proves to have a bit of a range. At times he reaches a balance between frosty and guttural that serves him well when walking that thin line between black and death and death and black. The problem is not him, but the songs themselves, which don't flow properly and at times seem just like a collection of random riffs spliced together.

Rate: 3/5


Hailing from one of the death metal capitals of the world, Sweden, Phidion are a band that are very transparent about their influences. Fans of Entombed, Carnage, Dismember, and all of the other classic old-school Swedish death metal bands will love "Flesh of the Forsaken", as it is one of the most authentic sounding releases of recent years. This EP is six tracks of heavy, bludgeoning metal that will bring you back to 1990.

From the moment "Warzone" begins, you'll hear what I suspect is the famed HM-02 distortion pedal. If Phidion aren't using that pedal, then they have done a fantastic job of replicating that guitar sound. As you might expect, the riffs also capture that old-school sound. The drums are fairly mechanical sounding (particularly the snare), but that is the only weak point of the EP. Vocally, there is more variation than other records in this style. In addition to the standard death growl, this singer also makes use of a higher raspy scream that sounds not too far away from Corpsegrinder's screams. The songwriting is very consistent, and sounds pretty much exactly like Entombed did on "Left Hand Path". The only major difference is that some riffs have more of a thrash feel than a death metal one. "Slaves to Eternal Insomnia" is the thrashiest track, but you'll notice quite quickly that the band only uses this as a short break from the tremolo picking and blast beats that frequent "Flesh of the Forsaken". This EP isn't all speed though. Phidion makes frequent use of those slow, grooving sections that Autopsy pioneered and later became the standard in Swedish death metal. There is just enough variation through the EP to keep things interesting without sacrificing any intensity or brutality.

Phidion are a band that has perfectly crafted the sound they love. There are hints of originality, but ultimately, this is an EP for those who loved that early 90's period. It would be interesting to hear this band with better production, but it is by no means unlistenable. Pick this one up and you won't regret it!

Be sure to check out and like Phidion on Facebook!

Highlights: "Warzone" and "Slaves to Eternal Insomnia"

Final Rating: 4.2/5 or 84%.
Written by Scott Dorfman

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PHIDION is to me another new Swedish band. I gotta start keeping a closer ear to the underground to pick up all the chatter that is going on. It's so bloody hard to keep up with all new bands that keep popping up all over the world, let alone the Swedish ones and still keep track of all the old ones that keep releasing records. That the first notes made me thing Morbid Angel is no bad start. That it as it progressed turned into more of a thrash-like sound wasn't that bad either. This is to my ears death metal on the heavier side. Morbid Angel (when they were great) is not such a bad reference really. This is sure as heavy as Morbid Angel used to be early on. But on the whole this is some pretty cool death metal with a thrash touch. If you like your metal heavy you should check this one out.

Review by Anders Ekdahl


Well it took my a while to figure out why "Flesh of the Forsaken" wasn't really sticking the way it could've. The biggest and main-issue is in fact the production, since I do really enjoy the blend of old-school and more modern death/thrash riffing. Let's start off with the programmed drums, not only do they sound way too digital, they seem to change in volume from time to time. As I said earlier I enjoy the riffs, they are perhaps not anything new under the sun, but certainly not without some charm. Vocal-wise I have no complaints either, Martin Missy has been in the game for quite some time and it shows.

In a way it is hard to judge Phidion fairly since the production feels more like a pre-production and hence destroys the mood more than once. It seems like the band has now found themselves a drummer and with that and a decent studio for the next recording I can only see a brigther future for the band.

Recommended tracks: Warzone / Dr. Butcher, M.D.

RATING: 5.5 / 10
Review by: TK


Sometimes it is simply refreshing to hear new music, that sounds truly old school. There are so much bands doing it wrong way, feeling that they just wanted to be old school in their mind, but in their souls they aren't. Phidion come from the other end of that spectrum. Phidion came to be after the abortion of Ruins Of Time (never heard of 'em) in 2003, when three guys from that band decided to form a new band. In August, after two demo releases (never heard 'em), they put out another self-released work, the EP titled 'Flesh of the Forsaken'.

On the cover, there's a humongous pile of human skulls laying in a desert, with some birds finding something to eat. Well, that shows that Phidion aren't about fluffy side of life, but mean dirty business with their death/thrash metal. Phidion's alloy sounds like it contains both, European and North American, elements of these extreme genres. Bands such as Hypocrisy, Vomitory and Cannibal Corpse come to my mind while spinning Phidion. That list includes only the important ones, even though I hear a lot of familiar things here. Sometimes fast, evil and brutal, sometimes more headbangable thrashing or groovy beats. There's also some black metal influenced riffing heard. The band count upon catchy or somewhat technical riffs, frequent tempo changes and occasional melody work. The band clearly try to keep their in motion and also characteristic. At times it works, and during other times not so well. Some of the songs simply aren't distinctive.

Phidion utilize a drum machine, and that's the only thing here that does not really belong to their old school mentality. Gladly they didn't fuck it all up with this decision. While they use much better samples there than about one and a million of their peers, it's still easily noticeable, thanks to it's... Well, machiney feel especially on faster tempos. The vocals are split between low and fleshy growl and Chris Barnes style more high pitched hoarse growl. The guitar sounds hefty, and the bass used is probably fretless one, as it is so Steve DiGiorgio-esque with nimble fretboard runs.

The music is not as varying as the lyrical themes. War, demons of insomnia, Moby Dick, horror movies ("Zombie Holocaust" and "Antropophagus") and comics ("Strontium Dog"). Nicely deviating texts, in my opinion. There is promise in Phidion's 'Flesh of the Forsaken', but the similarity of music and elusive compositions are two main demerits for the band.

Rating: 6- (out of 10)

Reviewed by Lane
01/13/2013 18:42

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Det är thrashig death metal som ekar ur högtalarna. Phidion's egen finansierade demo "Flesh of the forsaken" är en hård skitig historia som kom till mig via ett tips på facebook, troligen vad det Biskop som tipsade, den snubben kan sin skit men det är inte Biskopen som ska avhandlas här nu. Christos, Fredrik och Martin utgör Phidion som huserar i hufvudstaden och det märks att detta är gjort med passion. Det är rått och det är riktigt bra gjort, det är bra mangel men bandet har även vett att lugna ned partier i precis rätt ögonblick utan att tappa fokus. Låtarna sätter sig som en snaps på midsommar och man sitter konstant och gungar med huvudet. Visst finns det saker som kan finputsas men jag njuter av råheten som serveras till mig. Ett band att hålla ägonen på....

Musikenimittliv Blog


Stockholm Death Thrashers PHIDION have released a self-financed EP titled "Flesh Of The Forsaken". I'll be honest, I never heard of these guys before I got this to review and had to do a quick check in Metal Archives to get a bit of background on them. The band formed from the ashes of RUINS OF TIME and have been jamming out since 2003. Now Sweden has a plethora of bands that have set the bar in the Metal world (that is a topic that I can write pages and pages about). "Flesh Of The Forsaken" runs just under 26 minutes covering 6 tracks. The band does have 2 demos under its belt and had this EP released last year. I'll start with the good. The old school Death Metal feel is rampant on the 6 tracks, but then again being from Sweden it must be pretty hard to not have that ingredient in your mix. The guitars are crushing and have a good groove, sometimes touching being melodic. The vocals are sick, just guttural from the days of late 80s / early 90s era. The drums sounded good and had plenty of blast beats, not bad considering they were programmed drums. Since the drums were programmed, they didn't go overboard with trying to get the insane blast beat drumming every second of every minute. They added the right amount of speed and tempo to the drums on each track. Now for the bad. While I can understand that this was a self-financed effort, the production was what suffered the most on the album. Was it the bands' intent to have that style of production??? I have no idea but I think a better effort would have taken this EP much further (especially for the bass, it is barely audible). The lyrics on the album are not that great, just your typical Death Metal redundant lyrics that I feel was another department that needed some assistance. Guitar solos would have been nice to hear and see what the guitarist's potential can reach. Lastly, the cover art consists of a pile of skulls, while not original it still provides that "METAL" feel. Overall, this is not a bad EP. Some parts provided Thrash, some had a Doom-ier sound and since it was kept to 6 tracks you get the just of what PHIDION have to offer. A nice EP that can give the band a good starting point for future releases.

Jaime Perez

Source: Voices from the Darkside


Koen : This band started as Legacy back in 1997 and became Ruins Of Time and now they are called Phidion although Ruins Of Time still exists. No, I dont understand what Im talking about here and frankly I think you are also not interested in the numerous line-up and name changes but the fact is that Im listening to Flesh of The Forsaken, the newest six track CDR demo / EP which is available in a limited quantity of only 100 copies. Unfortunately my CDR copy is full of dropouts in the first song so I put it in the bin, but you can listen to some tracks through the bands Bandcamp page as well. It is to say that Phidion are a quite attractive bunch (musically, not physically). These are very skilled musicians that make me relive the early years of Sweden and Florida death metal. It wont be long before record companies start bidding for Phidion to come join them!

Score 80 / 100


Köttig dödsmetall från Stockholm som varken är onödig old school eller irriterande progressiv (läs: teknisk). PHIDION heter gänget som visar att det nyss nämnda inte bara är en feberhallucination och som för övrigt firar tioårsjubileum nästa år. På sexspåriga "Flesh of the forsaken" står influenser från CANNIBAL CORPSE och MORBID ANGEL i centrum, vilket garanterar att bandet prioriterar låtskrivande lika högt som tyngd och sound. I "Monomanic mind" får vi höra thrashriff, black metal-aktiga melodislingor och raka moshpartier som minner om hardcore. Resultatet är plattans starkaste låt, i viss konkurrens med "Anthropophagus" och dess tempovariationer.



19/11/12 || gk

Debut EP from this Swedish death metal band and its pretty promising stuff. The band has an old school vibe in terms of sound and enough quality riffs to make a solid impression but where they really stand out is in the fact that every song here has a solid groove behind it. They also know when to drop the tempo and bring some dynamics to play. For a Swedish band, the influences seem predominantly American in nature and some modern thrash riffing pops up on occasion and works quite well. This is quite an impressive debut release and Phidion is a band well worth checking out.

7,5/10: Looking forward to more.


Date: 19/11-2012
Writer: Greigh Johanson

Sweden is finally starting to tear up the real Old School Death Metal again and Phidion is one band of the crowd that has managed quite well thanks to their latest EP "Flesh of the Forsaken" from 2012. Phidion is a Death / Thrash Metal band from Stockholm, Sweden and I had never heard of them before, until the band's guitarist and frontman Christos Chatzikonstandinos contacted us on Surreal Goryfication and wanted to share a promo of their upcoming EP.

Phidion is a continuation after the split-up with "Ruins of Time" and has been around us since 2003, but they weren't really active until 2007 when they released their first demo "Is Paris Burning?". And after some more years of silence, they finally recorded the demo "Alive at Brother Tuck" which was released shortly before this EP.

To leave the band's history behind us, I guess I can proceed with an assessment of what we really are here for. Flesh of the Forsaken will don't bid on any brutal death metal, it sounds more in equality with band as Dissolution, Abnegate and Krisiun to name a few from the crowd. It's rough, progressive and really catchy. It offers six tracks that you can swing your hair to. The bass drag almost to the ground and the drums is constantly changing as species.

First song is "Warzone" and the band goes straight to the point without any silly and melodic intros. Here it's only the electric guitar that reigns with some impulsive and aggressive riffs. Those who stand for the vocals is Martin Missy and Fredrik Pihlström and one voice is darker than the other.

The whole EP is really in the same faithful spirit, so it would just repeatedly to give review to every song, and I don't have much to compare with as I haven't heard their earlier material. But I like the production and mastering, it's dirty like real death metal should be and the drums sounds fairly realistic to be programmed, so they must have worked effectively to produce such a distinctive dynamics of the sound.

If you like groovy death metal with quiet undertones and reasonably thrash metal influences that get your head nodding in time with the music, then Phidions EP "Flesh of the Forsaken" is a recommended option. It's very easy to listen to and you'll quickly find your favorite songs or your favorite excerpts from all the songs.

I want to give Christos Chatzikonstandinos a big thanks to sent me this review material. I liked what I heard and I'm really looking forward that "Flesh of the Forsaken" reach to more listeners and that you will continue with this groovy death metal style togheter with Phidion. Thank you!