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14103.30 kHz USB
10147.30 kHz USB
7047.30 kHz USB
5354.00 kHz USB
Day & Night
  3610.00 kHz USB

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RPN Manuals latest release

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P4dragon, PTC-IIIusb & Linux
A non driver solution for communication between Linux & SCS modems (DR-7800, DR-7400, PTC-IIIusb) has been developed by Robert, DM4RW.

The link below presents a ZIP-file a step-by-step explanation on how to do it, plus other features.

SCS Modems & Linux Access ZIP

SIGNAL Robust Packet Network

SIGNAL - Robust Packet Network

Please make sure that your callsign is recognizable!

Robust-Packet dot Saint Thomas
Hosting of the Robust Packet Network's website has moved.
Forwarding from the old dot net is in operation.
However, consider to change your APRS status text to the new address:

RPR Teensy Hardware Project & WinRPR Software Solution
for Robust Packet are under development.
The following download holds the software plus the Teensy hardware project on RPR (update FEB20 with FW 0.56).
click here to download

Please follow robustpacket
for discussions and latest.

Brandmeister TG24098
TG24098 (Robust Packet) is RPN's DMR DataVoice platform. Please remember:
Keep 3 sec mic handover time!

Expansion of 80m activities (3610kHz USB RPR)
There are 3 IGATEs active on 80m:

DB0UAL-10 (H24)
HB9ZF-5 (H24)
OH6DL-11 (HX)

Please consider to switch to 3610kHz after twilight. Mobile activities appreciated.

SCS Tracker FW 1.7 m (Mike)
is the latest SCS release. It includes the full manual as of this firmware and update information.

APRSdroid & SCS PTC-IIIusb / DR-7400 / DR-7800 for RPR
Connect APRSdroid via Bluetooth to a PTC-IIIusb / DR-7400 / DR-7800 and enjoy the RPN.
Init String for TNC (KISS):
baud r300
txl r 200
You may want to adjust the 200mV when AF-input (or MIC-gain) is already at minimum and ALC is not within limits yet.

ITS HF Propagation latest version 2018-04-17 click here to download

3 links you must read!
F4FXL, Geoffrey clears up with wrong APRS telling:

① is not APRS-IS!

② RX-only IGATEs are bad!

③ APRS is always Digital!

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• R E P E A T I N G •

Europe 30m & 80m Random Stations in the RPN - max 20 by default

  - Keep RPN frequency
  - DCD control handles
  - use terminal mode
  - send C CALLSIGN
     SCS P4Dragon DR-7400 & DR-7800     
  WinRPR Software &
  RPR Teensy Hardware
  are available solutions to
  operate Robust Packet
  for free. Check: RPR-TNC

Solar-Terrestrial Datas Maximum Usable Frequency [MUF] Worldwide

MUF Germany - Juliusruh MUF Czechia - Pruhonice

Please use WIDE1-1 only RPN digipeaters accept WIDE1-1 only
Please avoid rx-only IGATES on RPN Please 2-way IGATES on RPN

US-American Additional Frequencies
  3598.00 kHz USB - General Usage
  7101.00 kHz USB - HF SkipNET / BBS-to-BBS Forwarding
  7103.00 kHz USB - Network 40R / General Usage / Limited BBS-to-BBS
10145.50 kHz USB - Network 30R / General Usage / Limited BBS-to-BBS
18108.00 kHz USB - General Usage
21098.00 kHz USB - General Usage
28148.00 kHz USB - Network 10R / General Usage

North America
Live Link North America
Random Stations in the RPN - max 20 by default

Please join the [Robust Packet Radio] and follow the debate about philosophy changes of IGATEs & DIGIPEATERs in Europe on the 30 meter band.
Please write your own ideas & opinions into that discussion platform and by that share it with everyone and build majorities.
Please do not write to the Robust Packet Network Administrator as that position is only a collector's role for results & informations.
Please find here as link some selected educational conversation