Please use WIDE1-1 only Please avoid rx-only IGATES on RPN

RPN Manual latest release

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provides now background and development information for the Teensy RPR TNC

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SIGNAL Messenger Group
Robust Packet Network
49 participants

SIGNAL - Robust Packet Network

Please make sure that your callsign is recognizable!

Brandmeister TG24098
TG24098 (Robust Packet) is RPN's DMR DataVoice platform. Please remember:
Keep 3 sec mic handover time!

P4dragon, PTC-IIIusb & Linux
A non driver solution for communication between Linux & SCS modems (DR-7800, DR-7400, PTC-IIIusb) has been developed by Robert, DM4RW.

The link below presents a ZIP-file a step-by-step explanation on how to do it, plus other features.

SCS Modems & Linux Access ZIP

Robust-Packet dot Saint Thomas
Hosting of the Robust Packet Network's website has moved.
Forwarding from the old dot net is in operation.
However, consider to change your APRS status text to the new address:

80m activities (3610kHz USB RPR)
There are 2 H24 IGATEs active on 80m:

DB0UAL-10 (H24)
HB9ZF-5 (H24)

Please consider to switch to 3610kHz after twilight. Mobile activities appreciated.

Teensy RPR TNC FW 0.75
is the latest release.

APRSdroid & SCS PTC-IIIusb / DR-7400 / DR-7800 for RPR
Connect APRSdroid via Bluetooth to a PTC-IIIusb / DR-7400 / DR-7800 and enjoy the RPN.
Init String for TNC (KISS):
baud r300
txl r 200
You may want to adjust the 200mV when AF-input (or MIC-gain) is already at minimum and ALC is not within limits yet.

ITS HF Propagation latest version 2018-04-17
click here to download

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